Economic Union of East Euronian Nations

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Economic Union of East Euronian Nations
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EUEEN member states
FormationJune 2, 1984; 39 years ago (1984-06-02)
Founded atLutomiersk, Alterrame
PurposePolitical, military, and economic alliance
HeadquartersSoome, Molenia
Paio Dantes - Democratic Aurea
Deputy Secretary-General
Cibrao Montecalvo - Sutaland

The Economic Union of East Euronian Nations, abbreviated to EUEEN, is a regional political and economic union of 20 member countries in eastern Euronia. Considered one of the pillar regional blocs of the continent, the stated goals of EUEEN are; to formulating similar regulations in various fields such as finance, trade, customs, tourism, legislation, and administration; foster scientific and technical progress in industry, mining, agriculture, water, and animal resources; establish scientific research centers; set up joint ventures; create a unified military; encourage cooperation of the private sector; and strengthen ties between their people. The area has some of the fastest-growing economies in the world, mostly due to a boom in mining and natural gas revenues coupled with a building and investment boom backed by decades of saved petroleum revenues.

EUEEN was founded on June 2nd, 1984. The organization mainly uses its arms industry, raw materials, gas and oil reserves, and railways as its key assets for trade with foreign countries. The organization is also the principle peacekeeping organization in its member states and throughout East Euronia, having deployed troops to Vulkaria in 2017 to assist in counter-terrorism operations against the LFM.



The current members of EUEEN are;

The only nation to have left the EUEEN was Stasso, when its membership was suspended at the outbreak of the Stasso Civil War in 1991. Vulkaia joined the organization in 2008, as its government aimed to reconnect with the international community following the 1999-2005 War.

EUEEN Partners

While not necessarily politically aligned, EUEEN works closely with the Alliance of Central Euronian States (ACES) in economic and security policies.

EUEEN shares a significant trade network with the Sotoan Basin Union (SBU) and shares the largest share of exclusive maritime economic connections in the Samson Ocean. EUEEN and the SBU have also carried out joint military exercises in the form of naval drills and share military ties with WEDA.