Malvarian Liberation Front

Malvarian Liberation Front
Motto: Freedom for Vulkaria, devastation for those who oppose
TypePolitical, Military, Terror Insurgency
  • 120,000 (est. 2004)
  • 24,000 (est. 2016)
• Supreme Comandant
EstablishmentApril 4th, 1982

The Malvarian Liberation Front is a Zamastan-classified, Vulkarian-based terror group that operates under the motivation of toppling Vulkaria's capitalist government and reinstalling a Marxist regime as from before the 1982 Vulkaria Coup D'etat. Their founder, Samuel Kannit, was a staunch enemy of the Vulkarian and Zamastan governments, and oversaw the group during the first and second coalition fought wars in Vulkaria. The group has also been responsible for many terror attacks in the past and present, including most infamously the Alanis Pride Parade Bombing. Their current leader, Van'a Kamoni, was originally considered to be more reserved, according to Zamastanian intelligence reports, indicating that he seemed to instruct his forces to remain in Vulkaria and pursue more political moves rather than terror. However, the on-going insurgency in Vulkaria, the 2017 Tofino Terror Attacks, and the terror attack on the Zian Presidential Mansion in 2019 have reiterated their resolve for violence.