Sotoan Basin Union

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Sotoan Basin Union
Flag of Sotoan Basin Union SBU
Sotoan Basin Union member states
Sotoan Basin Union member states
Administrative capitalsNorasa, Constantio (Administrative)
Tyrnatini, Vuswistan
Covijo, Syraranto (revoked 2020)
TypeIntergovernmental Organization
Membership19 members
• President
Jordan Melhare, Constantio
Diana Kyrikos, Vuswistan
Zissis Palas, North Icadania
EstablishmentJune 21st, 1996
June 21st, 1996

The Sotoan Basin Union (SBU) is an intergovernmental organization located in western Nortua. It was founded on June 21, 1996 in Norasa, Constantio, by delegates of Constantio, Cechena, and Vuswistan. Its purpose upon its creation was the unification of Western Nortuan states in the aftermath of the Chezian War (1992-95), to further economic cooperation, and establish a unified currency. All member states utilize the 'Sotta' as their official currency (while other national currencies are also used), contribute to a unified military force through their respective defense ministries, and promote Nortuan unity. While the organization cannot create binding laws, it acts in the interests of each nation's respective government to lay out foundational policies to achieve its goals.

The council's two statutory bodies are the Committee of Ministers, comprising the foreign ministers of each member state, and the Administrative Council, composed of members of the national parliaments of each member state. The headquarters are located in Norasa, with other regional headquarters being located in Tyrnatini, Vuswistan and until 2020, Covijo, Syraranto. The Commissioner for Human Rights is an independent institution within the SBU, mandated to promote awareness of and respect for human rights in the member states.

In late 2023, prompted by the Haduastan War, the SBU co-created the Trilateral Strategic Security Dialogue alongside the ANS and WEDA.


The SBU was formed under the Treaty of Norasa signed by delegates of Constantio, Cechena, and Vuswistan in Norasa on June 21st, 1996. On August 1st, 1997, North Icadania joined the Union, followed less than a year later by Utobania.

On January 1st, 2005, both Syraranto and Karabakhi were accepted into the Union.

In 2020, in the wake of the civil war in Syraranto, their membership was revoked. Following the conflict's decline in mid 2021, talks had begun to reinstate their seat, but have since been cancelled with the war's resurgence.

Following a referendum pushed by President Emin Bisliev, Artaska was admitted into the SBU on December 1st, 2021.


SBU Administrative Council in Norasa.
SBU Administrative Headquarters from above.

Membership is available to any state in the Sotoan Basin, which consitutes a geographical region in western Nortua surrounding the Sotoa Sea. The administrative function of the Sotoan Basin Union is located in Norasa, Constantio, and operates as the hub of interaction and diplomacy between all member states. The current President of the SBU is Jordan Melhare of Constantio, while the Administrative Council President is Diana Kyrikos of Vuswistan, and the Economic Council President is Zissis Palas of North Icadania.


State Date of Admission Notes
ConstantioFlag.png Constantio June 21st, 1996 Founding state
CechenaFlag.png Cechena June 21st, 1996 Founding state
VuswistanFlag.png Vuswistan June 21st, 1996 Founding state
NorthIcadaniaFlag.png North Icadania August 1st, 1997
UtobaniaFlag.png Utobania April 10th, 1998
YuboniaFlag.png Yubonia April 10th, 1998
Birnir 888606.png Birnir April 10th, 1998
SyrarantoFlag.png Syraranto January 1st, 2005 Membership suspended in July, 2020
KarabakhiFlag.png Karabakhi January 1st, 2005
AcdiaFlag.png Acdia January 1st, 2005
Beatavic Flag.png Beatavic January 1st, 2005
LatilliFlag.png Latilli May 24th, 2008
SopitaFlag.png Sopita April 11th, 2017
AlbanoviFlag.png Albanovi April 11th, 2017
CylataFlag.png Cylata April 11th, 2017
ArtaskaFlag.png Artaska December 1st, 2021
MobinaFlag.png Mobina December 1st, 2021
PianIslandsFlag.png Pian Islands December 1st, 2021


Alliance of Nortuan States

The SBU cooperates with the Alliance of Nortuan States on many levels, including trade, common defense, and Nortuan influence.

Zamastan and WEDA

The SBU member states hold close ties with Zamastan, largely through trade, shipping, investment, and military cooperation. They also operate in the realm of bilateral military drills with the Western Euronia Defense Alliance, also known as WEDA or ODA. Following the threats of Syrarantoan nuclear tests in September of 2021, Zamastan and WEDA promised mutual defense of the SBU nations, with President Atticus Moreau stating "if Syraranto utilizes military force against any SBU member, we will help defend them." After the 2022 West Nortua rocket attacks on January 27th 2022, and the February 14th 2022 bombing of an SBU military facility in Atebaan, Constantio, the SBU launched an incursion into Syraranto on two fronts, and WEDA moved ships into the Sotoa Sea to begin conducting airstrikes. After the death of Kyriakos Tasoulas at the hands of rebel fighters, WEDA airstrikes ceased.

In response to a Yuaneze naval base being constructed in Great Epsilon, on April 7th, 2023 the SBU and Zamastan signed the Mutual Arms and Defense Act of Partnership (MADAP), a treaty which saw Zamastan begin to supply SBU nations with military equipment including dozens of Z-11 Eagle and Z-14 Osprey fighter jets, 12 Tregueux-class cruisers, and Talon-2 battle tanks.