Empire of Yisrael

The Empire of Yisrael, also known as Greater Yisrael, was the dominant foreign policy of the Kingdom of Yisrael roughly running from 1891 to 1950. It described the nationalist and imperialist sentiments of the Yisraeli leadership during the height of the Era of Great Nationalism.

At its peak in 1908, the Empire of Yisrael included Yisrael proper (current-day borders), as well as the Zivan Strip and the Levantine Protectorate. During this time, it alternately laid claim to the Sydalene-controlled north bank of the Yarden River Valley or all of Sydalon itself.

The policy and term fell out of usage after the 1919 Revolution, when the absolute monarchy was overthrown and the Protectorate of Khabassine was lost to Intermaria as well as the Zivan Strip fell to Fakolanan occupation. However, it saw a revival in the 1930s and 1940s under General Roth's regime. After his overthrow amid the Year of Blood, the policy was abandoned by all but the Yisraeli far right.

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