League for New Judea

League for New Judea
Northern League (colloquially)

הליגה של ניו יהודה
nameModern Hebrew
LeaderDavid Touro
Religious Affairs MinisterYuri Greenspun
FoundedJanuary 3, 1974 (1974-01-03)
Split fromAlliance for New Judea (Sydalon)
HeadquartersYericho, Yarden River Valley
NewspaperNorthern League Daily News
Student wingNorthern League Students Union
Strong monarchy
Social conservatism
Internal Factions:
Torah Judaism
National conservatism
Political positionFar Right
Colors     Maroon
Seats in the Royal Knesset
5 / 142

The League for New Judea, more commonly called the Northern League or the Maroons (colloquially), is a contemporary far right and ultranationalist minor political party in Yisrael. The Royalist Conservatives are currently the governing party of Yisrael, whose leader Noah Feldman is the incumbent President, as well as commanding a coalition majority government in the Knesset of which the Northern League and the Action Yisrael are apart. In the Feldman administration, the League holds the Cabinet post of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. It has 5 Members of Knesset. Its political base is largely confined to the Yarden River Valley as well as where are large communities of ethnic Nekulturnyan Jews and ethnic Tarsan Jews, both groups which tend to embrace more hard-edged, nationalist political stances.

The Northern League is a split off of the designated terror group Alliance for New Judea, a Pan-Yisraelist extremist group that seeks to tear up the Yarden Accords and forcibly annex the north bank of the Sydalene-controlled Yarden River Valley as well as expel all Yisraeli Christians from Yisrael. David Touro, the founder of the Northern League, rejected the terrorist tactics and most hardline policies advocated by the Alliance and sought to effect change peacefully through the political process inside Yisrael. Critics have pointed out that Touro's party is simply a false "moderate" façade to distract from controversial policies and a terrorist past. The League argues that its rejection of terrorism and more moderated policies cleanse it of any association with the Alliance, which is still an active terror group in Sydalon.

Platform and philosophy

The party has gone through several iterations, some more radical or moderate depending on if it wanted to enter the government or just to make a political point. Currently, under David Touro, the Northern League is considered a "soft" far right political party whose policies are at the very edge of the political mainstream's right-wing flank.

It is a staunchly national conservative party that favors a stronger monarchy, law and order policies that strengthen the powers of law enforcement, a hawkish foreign policy stance and liberal use of the Royal Yisraeli Defense Forces against open geopolitical foes such as Nahlia and Marad, implementation of a specific loyalty oath to all residents of the Yarden River Valley in response to Christian terrorism based there, as well as more government support for domestic industry and an expansion of the limited public welfare system. It calls for a referendum in the Zivan Strip, seeking the return of the border region that Yisrael ceded to Fakolana in the 1954 Treaty of Astrapolis.

Formerly, when the party was simply a vehicle for far-right protest votes, it was virulently Yarden Revisionist, including calling for the population exchange of all Yisraeli Christians for all Sydalene Jews and the annexation of the north bank of the Sydalene-controlled Yarden Valley.


Organization and hierarchy

Election results and current representation

Current representation

The Northern League currently have 5 MKs in the Royal Knesset. It is apart of the governing majority, led by the Conservatives as well as the third party Action Yisrael.

As part of the majority, League member Yuri Greenspun holds the post of Minister for Religious Affairs.

Election results

Royal Knesset
Election Leader Seats won +/− Rank Majority
2018 David Touro
5 / 142
Decrease 6 #6 Majority
2016 David Touro
11 / 142
Increase 9 #4 Majority
2014 David Touro
2 / 142
Decrease 1 #7 Minority
2012 David Touro
3 / 142
Decrease 2 #6 Minority
2010 David Touro
5 / 142
Increase 3 #4 Minority
2008 David Touro
2 / 142
Increase 2 #7 Minority
0 / 142
N/A N/A Not in Government
0 / 142
TBD N/A Not in Government

International affiliation and criticism

The League has no international affiliations.

Despite its split with the terrorist organization of the same name, the League faces criticism from nearly all ends of the Sydalene political spectrum due to its past and current stance on the Yarden Accords. The criticism grew when the League joined the governing coalition in the Knesset, with many commenting that the addition was an unnecessary danger when a majority was possible between other coalition members: Royalist Conservatives and Action Yisrael. Supporters of the Accords accuse the Conservatives of skirting the wrong side of a fine line, while more extremist factions in Sydalon equate the party to its terrorist counterpart and called the party's inclusion express support of extremist terrorism along both sides the border.
The league is criticized by the Yisraeli Rights Society as being an hostile organization only seeking territorial gain instead of working in the interest of the international Jewry. Prominent Fakolan Jews, including noted author and political activist Elis Rabin and television newscaster Mendel Sacrentium, have denounced the league for its terrorist roots and "perceived lack of knowledge about the history and prosperity of Zivan." Many consider the party a threat to the fragile diplomatic stability between Yisrael and Fakolana, and Northern Scipia at large.