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Autocracy regime

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אוטוקרטיה של ישראל
Avesvekretyh-Shel Yisroel
National Flag of Autocratic Yisrael
Motto: "Nation, Family, God"
Common languagesModern Hebrew and Anglic
Orthodox Judaism
GovernmentAuthoritarian-nationalist dictatorship, constitutional monarchy (nominally)
Head of state 
• 1941 - 1942
King Josiah III
• 1942 - 1951
King David IV
• 1941 - 1951
General David Azoulay
(as Supreme Autocrat)
• 1941 - 1950
Shimon Goldwaithe
• 1950 - 1951
Uzriel Greenblatt
LegislatureKnesset (suspended)
Historical eraEra of Great Nationalism
• Army coup of XX
TBD 1941
• Battle of Yerushalayim
TBD 1951
CurrencyYisraeli new shekel
Preceded by
Succeeded by
image [[Kingdom of Yisrael]]
[[Kingdom of Yisrael]] Image

The Autocracy regime, officially the Autocracy of Yisrael, commonly referred to as Azoulay's Yisrael, was an authoritarian-nationalist regime under the leadership of General David Azoulay, self-styled as the so-called "Supreme Autocrat," that ruled Yisrael from 1941 to 1951. It took its name from a military coup d'état carried out by Azoulay on XX, 1941. Azoulayism became the state ideology. It was opposed by the Yisraeli resistance to Azoulayism, led by Asher Berkowitz, a future President of Yisrael. The regime was overthrown during the Year of Blood. After its defeat, the winning Constitutionalists restored the constitutional order from 1920.

Origins of the regime


Third West Scipian War

Timeline of events

1941 Army coup

Azoulayism implemented

Attempts at social control

Economic policy


The role of the youth

Foreign policy

Opposition to the Sydalon Bloc
Support to Gelonia
Assistance to the Latin Social Republic

Military rearmament

End of the Long Pause: Phase II (1949)

Quick war


Resistance uprising

Death of Azoulay and David


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