Empire of the Trident

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Motto: "In Varietate Concordia" (Latin)
"United in Diversity"
Political map of the Empire of the Trident
CapitalValerana flag.png Laetia
Official languages
Official scripts
Demonym(s)Citizen of the Trident
TypeSupranational union
Member state
GovernmentIntergovernmental constitutional monarchy
• Emperor
Cody IV of Valerana
• Prime Minister
Johan Bakker
• Trident Union
1 January 1857
• Establishment of the Empire
1 June 1862
CurrencyTrio and (TRI)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy CE
Internet TLD.tri

The Empire of the Trident is a constitutional monarchy and super-state on the planet Ullar. It is a confederate empire under the rule of the emperor, Cody I of Valerana. It was established after the Great war, in which many of the countries now a part of the empire took part. All states in the empire have a high form of independence and a prime-minister is chosen every year to rule the region.

Name of the Empire in all the official languages

  • English: Empire of the Trident
  • Hellonian: Rijk des Drietands
  • South German: Reich des Dreizacks
  • Ellashian: Treuddriket
  • Sevillan (Regional language in the South German States): L'Imperio del Tridente
  • Latin: Imperium Tridentis


Great Trident War

The war started in 1854

Post War

After the war ended, the Valeranan government wanted to end the wars that taunted Ullar for many years. By royal degree, signed by King Constantine (Cody) I, the Trident Union was formed. A loose intergovernmental organization which helped recover the nations that were destroyed by the Great War, and seek peace for Ullar. The Act of the Trident Union were signed by the leaders of Valerana, the Iron Bloods Federation, and Castianita, hereby also releasing them from Valerana as independent states. Later that year, West Kirkon, Moundra and Tyrean, Ellisnore, Hellona, Arialucia, and Aricrad join the union. Nelsonburg later declared war on Valerana, but landed in a civil war a month later, resulting in Waldova, East Emeraldland and Vitami joining the Union. After the Nalish Civil War and Nelsonburg making white peace with Valerana, the USSAR, Conradistan, Palestine, Divusia, Nelsonburg, Xinaria, WSF, Latvian Spartopia, New Britain, Valvexia, Matthew, Aklonto, San Cortez, Slovakenia, the USGS, Blitzenberg, and Boslania join the Union. In 1862, the Trident Union was turned into a constitutional monarchical superstate, and renamed into the Empire of the Trident. King Cody I was crowned as Emperor of the Trident, as he helped establish peace on Ullar. His male successors were to be named Constantine or Cody by law.

Modern Era

In Modern times, the Empire is ruled by Constantine IV of Valerana. It was turned into a looser monarchical intergovernmental organization, like the previous Trident Union, though still holding all legislation passed by the superstate era. All nations established in modern times automatically receive Trident membership. Leaving is possible, though never practiced.


The Empire of the Trident is a constitutional monarchy and officially Emperor Constantine IV is the head of state, but the role of the monarch is limited to ceremonial and representative functions. Under the current system, the Emperor lacks any formal political power. The Emperor opens the monthly Council of the Trident sessions and holds regular Information Councils with the Prime Minister and the Government. In addition, the Emperor pays State Visits abroad and receives those incoming as host. Apart from strictly official duties, the Emperor and the other members of Imperial Family undertake a variety of unofficial and other representative duties abroad.

The real power is with the Council of the Trident, currently consisting of the six most important member states. These include representatives from: Dutch Polynesia, Nambalonia, Latvian Spartopia, Hellona, Libertas Regionem and the United South German States. These six representatives take the title of ministers, being the Prime Minister, elected every two years, the Vice Minister, chosen by the other ministers, the Imperial Cartographer, the Minister of Culture, the Lower Minister and the Minister of Elections and Collaboration. A Prime Minister is chosen from the candidate states from around the world. The Prime Minister can pass reforms and assign ministers. The Vice Minister can pass basic legislation, which can be overruled by the Prime Minister or a federal vote, the same goes for the Lower Minister, just having less power. The Imperial Cartographer is expected to hand updated maps of Ullar and make sure borders are rightly used, they also judge land exchanges, and could effectively overrule them. The Minister of Culture protects different ethno-linguistic groups from dying out and organizes cultural activities for all of the Trident, the most important being the Melody Festival. The Minister of Elections and Cooperation makes sure nations work together, and organizes ballots and votes about the Trident across Ullar.

Current Ministers

Ministers of the Imperial Council Title Term of office Country
  Dave Jansen Dave Jansen Prime Minister ???? -present Dutch Polynesia
  ??? ???? Vice Minister ???? -Present Nambalonia
  Lucanus Bergfalk Lucanus Bergfalk Vice Minister ???? - Present United South German States
  Spatsirk of Habsburg Spatsirk of Habsburg Imperial Cartographer ???? - Present Latvian Spartopia
  Kristoffer of Hellona Kristoffer of Hellona Minister of Culture ???? - Present Hellona
Source: Government.tr


A nation can not truly be recognised by others diplomatically unless it is part of the EotT.