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Esquarian Democratic Union

Esquarian Democratic Union
Liberal conservatism
Christian democracy
Political positionCentre-right
AffiliationEsquarian Community
Colors     Blue
SloganA Better Esquarium
Esquarian Parliament
58 / 192

The Esquarian Democratic Union is a centre-right Esquarian Community political party. It is currently the largest party in the Esquarian Parliament.


Country Party Abbr Status MEPs
 Ainin Rally of the Democrats RDD In Opposition 8
 Aucuria National Alliance NA Leader of Opposition Coalition 2
 Aucuria Christian Democrats KD In Opposition 0
Template:Country data Ceresnia ??? ??? 4
 Eibenland ??? ??? 6
 Jorland and Lothican Unionist Party UP In Opposition 2
 Mespalia ??? ??? 4
Template:Country data Oelia Republican Party RP Crossbench 14
Template:Country data Oelia Christian Republicans CR Crossbench 0
Template:Country data Oelia Association of Hunters and Fishermen AHF Crossbench 0
Template:Country data Oelia Unionist Party UnP Crossbench 0
 Karazawa Caconziche Angashurhini CA In the Government Coalition 10
 Katranjiev Conservative Party CPK In Opposition 8