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Esquarian Community

Formation9 September 1990
Legal statusSupranational organization
PurposePolitical and economic cooperation
Region served
(see below)
President of the Council of Esquarium
Ainin Rémi de Wampley
Main organ
Esquarian Parliament

The Esquarian Community is a supranational organisation that strengthens co-operation among member states in politics and economics and promotes the rule of law, human rights, and democracy. Its legal framework is based on the Treaty of the Esquarian Community, which entered into force on 9 September 1990. More than 945 million Esquarians live in a Community member state.

The Esquarian Community has, among other things, succeeded in establishing the Esquarian Common Market and mandating an international standard on human rights, and is recognised as being one of the primary geopolitical organisations in Esquarium as evidenced by the EC serving as the sole international organisation invited to the Esquarian Summit.

On 11 January 2017, when the Esquarian Union was abolished, the EC became the sole pan-Esquarian supranational organization.


The Institutions of the Community are:


Nations applying for membership must be approved by a two-thirds supermajority of Member States voting before acceding to the Community. Observers must be approved by a simple majority.

Member states

Official Name
EP seats Currency
Official languages Joined
 Aininian Republic Huimont 256,792,875 62 Louré French Founder
 Aucurian Republic Kalnaspilis 12,774,533 13 Svāras Aucurian, Atlian Founder
 Champenia, Principality of Montecalvo 30,012,398 23 Escudo Champenian 2004
 Eibenland, Federal Monarchy of Holversahn 31,671,208 24 Mark Teutonic 2018
 Jorland and Lothican, Royal Commonwealth of Kaldfesting 15,391,293 15 Shilling Jorvish, Lothican 1994
 Karazawa, Kingdom of Zacapatu 90,755,833 41 Cushek Azawarecha, Cortoguayan 2008
 Katranjiev, Kingdom of Krasimir 23,903,392 20 Zalot Katranjian, Arabic, Lec Founder
 Mespalia, Kingdom of Iouzzene 35,265,835 26 Sampo Mespalian 2004


Official Name
(2014 estimate)
Official languages Common Market membership
 Namor, People's Republic of Namo 937,967,690 Ramon Namorese
Associate Partner
 Desenan Republic Desena 32,226,461 Lira Desenan
Common Market Member