First Aridite Civil War

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First Aridite Civil War
A picture of a thing. Idk lol.
DateApril 16th, 1934 - September 11, 1935
(1 year, 4 months, 3 weeks and 5 days)
  • Loyalist victory
  • CKA transformed into modern-day Arideo
  • Arideo turns into an absolute kingdom
CKA Flag.png Loyalists border|22px Free Republic of Arideo
Commanders and leaders
CKA Flag.png Prime Minister Alexandra Silvestro
CKA Flag.png Lloyd Jacobin
CKA Flag.png Alex Damenié
border|22px Johannes Erenbaum
border|22px Lawrence Blackwell
border|22px Bruno Rasmusson
CKA Flag.png 105,000 troops border|22px ~87,000 militias
Casualties and losses
CKA Flag.png 19,690 KIA
6,286 wounded
border|22px 31,592 KIA
5,926 wounded