List of current sovereign monarchs in Greater Olympus

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This is a list of current sovereign monarchs in Greater Olympus. Most current monarchies in Greater Olympus are either absolute or bound by a constitution.


Key Description
Monarch Name of monarch, preceded by title
Coronation Date the monarch assumed their positon
House Name of royal family
Type Form of monarchy
Heir Apparent Name of the heir to the current monarch


Realm/Kingdom Monarch Coronation House Type Heir Apparent
 Arideo Queen Amadelia II 18 March 2019 Silvestro Absolute Monarch N/A
 Ascolla-East Ternev King Zekél VIII (Ascolla)
Queen Erminea II (Ternev)
4 December 2001
11 June 1985
Constitutional Monarch Szerin, Prince of Veccia
Prince-Elect Jonathan
 Lunderfrau Kaiserin Elise Von Struass 29 June 2015 Strauss Absolute Monarch N/A
 Produzland King José III 30 October 2019 Beltrão Constitutional Monarch Filipe, Prince of Agudicia
 Parthonopia King Carlo I 15 December 2018 Ciaia Absolute Monarch Filip, Prince of Ancona