Greater Olympus

Greater Olympus
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Olympus is a planet located in the Olympian Solar System2, which consists of 8 planets. These are, in order of closest to the sun; Hermes, Aphrodite, Greater Olympus, Ares, Zeus, Cronos, Poseidon, and Hades. Greater Olympus also has one moon and it's only natural satellite, Selene. Olympus along with the rest of the Olympian Solar System was formed billions of years ago from a solar nebula. Olympus has a long history of development from the earliest microscopic organisms to the now large nation-states that inhibit it today. Today over a billion people depend on Olympus's abundant natural resources and varied biosphere. Humans have developed many diverse cultures and societes; politically there are over 40‬1 nations.


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The History of Olympus follows a somewhat similar path as Earth has up until about the Medieval Era. The largest distinction between Earth and Olympus emerge from this time period. Unlike Earth there was no “Great Divergence” between one continent and the rest nor was a “new world” discovered. Instead the sharing of ideas following innovations in ship building sparked an era of rational thought not unlike the renaissance and enlightenment throughout the world. The industrial revolution had heartlands throughout the world as industries collected themselves in dispersed pockets. That is not to say that this is a world of peace but it has kept the world far more fractured than our own. Regional powers exist but none strong enough to truly unite a region under its control. Superpowers have not risen from great empires and colonization as we know it, is a rare sight. Yes Olympus is similar to our own world but at the same time quite unique.



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The following is a list of the 7 internationally officially recognized continents, as well as Kyros.

Name Largest country Population Landmass
Kanchaka  Abutu 120,659,481 TBA km²
Kyros N/A 03 TBA km²
Lira  Ackesia 563,521,994‬ TBA km²
Lov'anika N/A 105,184,667 TBA km²
Meridiq  Kaitaine 185,570,196 TBA km²
Mu-kal N/A 372,370,289 TBA km²
Neris N/A 79,000,000 TBA km²
Nori Storsnia Storsnia 352,918,045‬ TBA km²
Total Storsnia Storsnia 1,779,224,672‬ TBA km²


The following are all the internationally recognized, independent countries currently in the world.

Short and formal names Capital Population Area (km²) Density (km²) Government
 Abutu - Republic of Abutu Kansoso Military Dictatorship
 Ackesia - Greater Ackesian Republic Beldon 60,942,823 3,738,263.1 16.3 Unitary Presidential Republic
 Al-Meriq - Sultanate of Al-Meriq Djerb Absolute Monarchy
 Altair - The Altarian Empire Altair Federal Republic under a Military Junta
 Arideo - Kingdom of Arideo Gvardio de Monteto 178,165.74 Absolute Monarchy
 Ascolla-East Ternev - United Kingdoms of Ascolla-East Ternev Tardania 41,874,284 Constitutional Diarchy
 Bnnu - Kingdom of Bnnu Sifaks Absolute Monarchy
 Carelia - Republic of Carelia Revais 62,849,200 1,093,527 57 Federal Presidential Republic
 Choclyic - Free Lands of Choclyic Cocacao N/A
 Grenzeria - Kingdom of Grenzeria Breisgau Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 Jashnagar - Transcendent Kingdom of Jashnagar Yuram 60,789,542 473,902 128 Ecclesiastic-Republic
 Kaitaine - Theocracy of Kaitaine Arrakeen Theocracy
 Karodova - Republic of Karodova Wisłonicz 64,256,372 622,172.5 103.3 Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
 Kiteahu - State of Kiteahu Awanui Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 Larova - Grand Duchy of Larova Cellherto 32,778,431 Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 Lunderfrau - Matriarchy of Lunderfrau Laubenhugel 55,914,129 257,127.08 217 Absolute Monarchy
 Lykens - Federal Republic of Lykens Lykens 2,016,262.4 Federal Parliamentary Republic
 Meronnia - République Fédérale de Mèronie Senone 53,410,200 646,571.4 82.6 Federal Semi-Presidential Republic
 Nunavestland - Democratic People's Republic of Nunavestland Katimaq Multi-Party Socialist Republic
 Oceania - The Oceanian Republic Annheim Unitary Presidential Republic
 Parthonopia - Kingdom of Parthonopia Ancona 123,891,908 406,603.98 305 Unicameral Federal Monarchy
 Produzland - Kingdom of Produzland Burlon 61,432,763 434,622.52 141 Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 Sepura - Sepuranese People's Republic Tengākau Dictatorship
 Sino Manala - Republic of Sino Manala Gate Presidential Dictatorship
Storsnia Storsnia - United Republic of Storsnia Farsund 36,474,870 5,209,169.42 7 Federal Parliamentary Republic
 Tauke Manuye - Empire of Tauke Manuye Tauke Dane Botau Absolute Monarchy
 Tero Malstreciga - Respubliko Tero Malstreciga Urbo de Liberico Unitary Presidential Republic
 TSPR - Tanaya Soviet People's Republic Plamen Council Republic
 Valley Green - Federal Republic of Valley Green Van Der Stam Federal Parliamentary Republic
 Velkanika - People's Republic of Velkanika Kuvongrad Single-party Federal Socialist Republic
 Winst - Republic of Winst Silvus 86,562,241 640,940.86 135 Unitary Parliamentary Republic
 Zanaro - Zanarite Commonwealth Torman Federal Monarchy


Religions that have a sizable following in Greater Olympus

  • Anomai- A panentheistic faith originating in Jashnagar that is concerned with the transcendence of the individual and soul. Maists seek to leave the most positive impact by exhibiting Rasa, or virtue, as they view existence as never ending. Maism is split into distinct schools and is notable for a religious state in Jashnagar.
  • Beoin- A monotheistic faith based around the teachings of the Prophet Beo. Beoin has diversified from it's origins leading to various sects forming due to political and religious reasons. Some sects follow Magi as a religious leader while others are more decentralized. Beoin is therefore more a collection of religious movements based on the teachings of Beo.
  • Eventualism- A nontheistic faith originating in Tero Malstreciga and based on the concept of Teleturgy, devised by Beckett Katida in 1949. Eventualists believe that each individual has an inner Ego, similar to the concept of a soul, which is the real self. The Ego can be Empowered by a system of Auditing, which removes Impediments which Eventualists believe weaken the Ego. The Eventualist Movement is a centralized organization run like a corporation, and is banned as a dangerous cult in several nations.
  • Nosoumettrons- A monotheistic faith originating in Meronnia based on the Black Book written by an unknown individual known as the Hanged Man within the faith. Nosoumettrons believe in the existence of the Demiurge, the malevolent creator. The faith was heavily suppressed for its insistence that God is evil and should be resisted.
  • Soriven- A polytheistic faith originating in Zanaro and based on the teachings of Kuruss Minimo. The primary goal of the Soriven faith is to live in accordance with Chi'Kaijii, or living in harmony with nature to attain enlightenment and escape the cycle of reincarnation. There are several major Soriven traditions. Each tradition shares the same overall beliefs and cosmology but have different rituals, practices and emphasize different aspects of the faith.
  • Trônisme- A transtheistic faith originating in Meronnia based on the beliefs of classical Druids. The Thronists believe in the existence of nature spirits, fairies, and gods, as well as overarching esoteric existential concepts, though much of the actual Thronist faith is unpracticed by members. The faith is organized into a system of fraternal Lodges and in modern times they are often seen more like an exclusive club than a religion.


1.^ Number is subject to change as more citizens join GO.
2.^ Name pending approval.
3.^ No permanent population due to its arctic nature.