Greater Olympus

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Greater Olympus
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Area1,437,651,128.28 km2
555,080,203.86 sq mi
Population densityXX/km2 (XX/sq mi)
CountriesSee Nations
Largest citiesVarious

Olympus is a planet located in the Olympian Solar System2, which consists of 8 planets. These are, in order of closest to the sun; Hermes, Aphrodite, Greater Olympus, Ares, Zeus, Cronos, Poseidon, and Hades. Greater Olympus also has one moon and it's only natural satellite, Selene. Olympus along with the rest of the Olympian Solar System was formed billions of years ago from a solar nebula. Olympus has a long history of development from the earliest microscopic organisms to the now large nation-states that inhibit it today. Today over a billion people depend on Olympus's abundant natural resources and varied biosphere. Humans have developed many diverse cultures and societes; politically there are over 40‬1 nations.


See Also Timeline of World History (Greater Olympus)

The History of Olympus follows a somewhat similar path as Earth has up until about the Medieval Era. The largest distinction between Earth and Olympus emerge from this time period. Unlike Earth there was no “Great Divergence” between one continent and the rest nor was a “new world” discovered. Instead the sharing of ideas following innovations in ship building sparked an era of rational thought not unlike the renaissance and enlightenment throughout the world. The industrial revolution had heartlands throughout the world as industries collected themselves in dispersed pockets. That is not to say that this is a world of peace but it has kept the world far more fractured than our own. Regional powers exist but none strong enough to truly unite a region under its control. Superpowers have not risen from great empires and colonization as we know it, is a rare sight. Yes Olympus is similar to our own world but at the same time quite unique.



GO Continent Map.png

The following is a list of the 10 internationally officially recognized continents, as well as Kyros.

Name Largest country Population Landmass
Bania Template:Country data Kleinburg TBA TBA km²
Kanchaka N/A TBA TBA km²
Kyros N/A 03 TBA km²
Lira  Velkanika TBA TBA km²
Meridiq  Udon Khai TBA TBA km²
Nezin N/A TBA TBA km²
Nezlotah  United Dominions TBA TBA km²
Nori  Dau Sel TBA TBA km²
Storsnia Storsnia Storsnia TBA TBA km²
Xotla Template:Country data Anahitta TBA TBA km²
Total Storsnia Storsnia 1,872,480,361 TBA km²


More than half of Olympus is covered in water. This abundence of water distinguishes Olympus from other planets in the solar system. The planet's hydrosphere consists primarily of the oceans, however, all bodies of water make up the hydrosphere. There are XX oceans on the surface: TBA.


The following are all the internationally recognized, independent countries currently in the world.

Short and formal names Capital Population Area (km²) Density (km²) Government
 Dau Sel - Socialist Republic of Dau Sel Príombar 43,951,381 5,522,869.82 7.96 Unitary Parliamentary Socialist Republic
 Gifftan - Republic of Gifftan Caerwydn 31,170,059 Parliamentary Democracy
 Illyntheria - Republic of Illyntheria Ethribel 40,354,971 Constitutional Parliamentary Republic
 Kleinberg - Kleinberg Republiek Gelandhoop 48,756,590 Tricameral Republic
 Karodova - Republic of Karodova Talusk 72,664,704 Parliamentary Republic
 Lykens - Federal Republic of Lykens Lykens 61,963,043 Federal Representative Democracy
 Merrain - United Republic of Merrain Harburg 89,437,420 Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
 TSPR - Tanaya Soviet People's Republic Plamen 86,998,363 Council Republic
 Twynam - Commonwealth of Twynam Enbarr 92,340,157 Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 Udon Khai - Kingdom of Udon Khai Mae Ngao 47,012,940 Constitutional monarchy under military rule
 United Dominions - United Dominions of Apsica Centrumstad 122,818,443 Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 Velkanika - People's Republic of Velkanika Katakalonis 84,881,803 Marxist-Leninist One-Party Socialist Republic
 Verbania - Republic of the Verbans Carosone 27,888,037 976,895.22 28.55 Federal Presidential Republic
 Xerishahr - Empire of Xerishahr Nishastar 54,190,768 Absolute Monarchy


Religions that have a sizable following in Greater Olympus

  • Beoin- A monotheistic faith based around the teachings of the Prophet Beo. Beoin has diversified from it's origins leading to various sects forming due to political and religious reasons. Some sects follow Magi as a religious leader while others are more decentralized. Beoin is therefore more a collection of religious movements based on the teachings of Beo.

Legacy Articles

These are articles of particular merit and associated links that are no longer considered canon within Greater Olympus. These may include articles from previous renditions of the region, or articles from the current version that no longer have relevancy.

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1.^ Number is subject to change as more citizens join GO.
2.^ Name pending approval.
3.^ No permanent population due to its arctic nature.