Republic of Hytekia Cosmic Agency
Xитeкийac Кocмoca Opгaнизáцийa Tayтas Hitekijas Kosmosa Organizācija Tautas
Formation17 May 1959; 62 years ago (1959-05-17)
Headquarters7 Darba iela, Krasno, Hytekia
Official language
Hytek, Hesurian
Jonas Pasneis
Aivars R. Muceniece Space Centre, Kiluoja, Hytekia
Increase $5.9 billion (2019)

The Republic of Hytekia Cosmic Agency (Hytek: Xитeкийac Кocмoca Opгaнизáцийa Tayтas; Hitekijas Kosmosa Organizācija Tautas), known as the People's Republic of Hytekojuznia Cosmic Agency until 1989 and abbreviated to HKOT is an independent agency and department of the Hytek government, tasked with civilian space and cosmic research, as well as space exploration and scientific endeavours.

Established in 1959 as a consolidation of the loosely unified space programs of the HKKP (Hytekojuznik Cosmic Advisory Board) and separating it from the HKKP's military-directed research, HKOT was one of the first events that culminated in the Gaian space race, a series of competitive space endeavours between the People's State of Hytekojuznia and Mascylla between 1952 and 1974. HKOT was the organisation behind Aurelijus Navickas' Zobens 1 spacecraft, making the Juznik cosmonaut the first man in space. Prior to that, it launched Viliks 1, the first satellite to establish orbit around Gaia in human history. After 1981, the HKOT and the MAOA, Mascylla's space agency, cooperated on the Zobens-Pionier mission, which involved the docking of a leftover Zobens capsule onto a Pionier spacecraft, marking de-escalation between the two powers.

HKOT today is almost primarily focused on the civilian expansion of space knowledge, and is forbidden by the Pekrasta Extra-terrestrial Arms Treaty of 1984 to conduct any military-related research in space. Its aims are to expand the understanding of the universe outside of Gaia as well as contributing significant research to the field of astrophysics.



Spaceflight Programs

Viliks program (1959-1964)

Zobens program (1960-1984)

Aurelijus Navickas aboard Zobens-1 in 1960

Future operations