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Sovereign Imperium of Haruspex

Flag of Haruspex
Coat of arms of Haruspex
Coat of arms
Motto: Tido aynhc Jelduno, Jelduno ec Meva
Duty earns Victory, Victory is Life

CapitalChel de Yorn[1]
Largest cityPrathen
Official languagesHaru-Dakat
Recognised national languagesAnglish
GovernmentImperialist Military Autocracy
• Empress
Kira'Karn Elemmiire
• Advocate of the Emperess
Kaorin Huat Jargo Vlos
• Senior Minister of the Eighth Circle
Thei'de Kantra Velven
• Senior Minister of the First Circle
Ajax Hur Elemmiire
• Senior Minister of the Second Circle
Kaorin Renor Vlos Elemmiire
• Senior Minister of the Fifth Circle
Tihun Xun
• Senior Minister of the Sixth Circle
Yasa Elemmiire Orn II
• Senior Minister of the Third Circle
Sias Hu'yan
• Senior Minister of the Fourth Circle
Aria Hallas Zun
• Senior Minister of the Seventh Circle
Ria Mel'Ana Velven
• Senior Minister of the Ninth Circle
Beira Vek Elemmiire
LegislatureCouncil of the Nine
Imperial Council of Circles
Imperial Court of Advisory
• 2021 census
41.997 Billion
CurrencyHaru Credit[1]



Welcome to the fact-book dossier on The Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex. We hope you will find all information you would like to know about our country here, and otherwise you can always send a communique through proper channels to that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The flag of the Haruspex is to portray what has happened and what will happen. The red shows the blood of the Haru that died protecting the Imperium. The black arrows and outline mean death of enemies that will spread like a plague. And the white outlines show the Haru spirit and honor. Another meaning for the white colors outlining the black arrows mean that the Haru are responsible for their enemies death.

The Haru are human, but they believe in ancient myth that they are not children of Adam and Eve, but rather Darklings, the Fae of old and have persisted this via religion and so on for the centuries since unification. Oberon and Titantania are known as the All Father and the All Mother, those that raised the first Darklings of yore from the Eurth itself, and grew them to be beings, before releasing them into the world at large, to earn their right to live or to die and fade away, such is the will of the countless ageless.

From such dark denizen of the fabled lands, the twisted imaginings of mankind's dreams, did forth the birth of the Haru come from these creatures. As their ancestors they hold homage to these creatures of mythos, those that became the Haru gods and goddesses, and so to do the torches of faith burn for that of the creators, the shapers of those they worship in turn.

So the religion that the Haru have interwoven into their society, culture, daily lives, has them believing the major houses are descendants, bloodlines of this ancient race, of whom became the main gods of their faith, overlooking the hall of pantheons beneath them, of whom the Haru place their faith within.

Society & Culture

SIMH Society and Culture
Languages of the Haru
Haru Youth Services

Past & Current Leaders

Imperium Historical Archive


Imperial Domain Authority
Security Directorates
SIMH Laandstrad
SIMH Tiered Citizenship

The City States

The Haru City-States


Haru Imperial Legionary
Haru Imperial Navy
HIL Equipment
Ballistic Missile Development

Foreign Relations

(WIP. List of allies and partners. Membership of international organisations. Diplomatic rules and regulations. Brief overview of ongoing conflicts.)




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