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Military Legions for The Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex

  • Military Age: 16 years of age
  • Fit for military service annually: Age 16-49: 988,030
  • Reaching military age annually: 2,500,000
  • Active troops: 1,880,000
  • Combat Deployable For All Legionary Branches: 436, 079
  • Reserve: 2,632,000
  • Combat Deployable For All Legionary Branches: 436, 079
  • Logistic and Support: 1,155,000
  • Ground Legionary: 280,000 personnel
  • Aero Legionary: 165,000 personnel
  • Naval Legionary: 150,000 personnel
  • Strategic Rocket Legionary: 50,000 personnel
  • Paratrooper Legionary: 62,000 personnel
  • SOF: 18,000 personnel 

Haru Military Equipment

Haru ballistic missile timeline

Haru Imperial Navy

----------- Doctrine -----------

Ground Based

Terrain in The Sovereign Imperium is vast expanses of flatlands, though these are tempered by various environments consisting of semi-tropical, deserts, and heavy wooded areas buffered by mountain ranges at the exterior. Urban combat is also expected as The Sovereign Imperium has vast city state's that dot the landscape and thus must be accounted in the territory of terrain of theoretical combat areas.

Our general tactics involve a modern approach to " Blitzkrieg " and utilizes " vulym buehd " (focal point) in the planning of operations; it is a center of gravity towards which was made the point of maximum effort, in an attempt to seek a decisive action. Ground, mechanized and tactical air forces are concentrated at this point of maximum effort whenever possible. By local success at the vulym buehd, a small force can achieve a breakthrough and gain advantages by fighting in the enemy's rear. as “Tuh'd vettma, csycr!” (Don't fiddle, smash!)

To achieve a breakout, armored forces attack the enemy's defensive line directly, supported by motorized infantry, artillery fire and aerial bombardment in order to create a breach in the enemy's line. Through this breach the tanks can break through without the traditional encumbrance of the slow logistics of infantry on foot. The breaching forces never lose time by “stabilizing its flanks” or by regrouping; rather it continues the assault in towards the interior of the enemy's lines, sometimes diagonally across them. This point of breakout has been labeled a “hinge”, but only because a change in direction of the defender's lines is naturally weak and therefore a natural target for assault.

----------- Ranks -----------

Fleet Lord - They are nobles from the upper echelon and veteran officers. They command entire Houses, and may initiate combat if it serves the needs of the Council of the Nine.

Vice Lord - Second in command of the fleets as well as a noble from the upper echelon bloodlines.

General - Most of these veteran officers are from the main house lines and or the royal court. They are more then usually handpicked by the Fleet Lords and or the Council of the Nine, attesting to their abilities.

Sengar d'isto - A noble rank. They also are the head of the Prata Khan's for any one fleet or ground force.

Prata Khan - They are highly trained, professional soldiers from usually honoured houses or direct from the common citizenry. Prata Khan's are in charge of infantry, aerogroups, and so on. Consider them to be the middle rankings similar to a Captain.

Siet Khan - Second to the Prata's. Seasoned cleric, or soldier that has survived enough battles, and is well versed in leadership to inspire those around them.

Ji - Lower ranked officer class. Usually from the citizenry lines, some of the lower ranked houses as well.

Liet - Lower ranked officer class. Usually from the citizenry lines, some of the lower ranked houses as well. Highest position unless other circumstances permit, that a citizen not of honoured line can achieve.

Kenyet - Meaning " Brave ", the Kenyet is a seasoned non commissioned officer, and more then likely found as bodyguards and or pilots though infantry are also to be found. They have also recently been spotted as apart of the clerical units.

Yeyinde - Seasoned non commissioned officer. Most of the Yeyinde are in second in command of company's or aerowings.

Setg'in - Seasoned warrior, though not an officer. Has small leadership and just enough attained honour to hold command of a platoon.

Hult'ah - Soldier. Seasoned, seen a few battles, survived. Is proficient in several areas. Akin to a specialist or such in another army.

Aseigan - Your basic grunt. New to the ranks of the Haruspex legions, they are the those who are commanded and look upon the Hult'ah's for guidance.
----------- Brief Summary of Military Culture -----------
The military is extensively woven into the fabric of society and culture and is seen as a next step in many citizens step in life. There has been a mandatory two year service in existence, but generally most serve longer unless desiring other station in life.

Assessment of Officer Corps (Tactical Capabilities): Officers are extensively trained. The training curriculum includes university-level general education courses, traditional martial arts, Guerrilla/Anti-Guerrilla Warfare, escape and evasion, Subversion, Sabotage, Counter Terrorism, and Asymmetric warfare. After completing the two year junior portion of training, cadets are assigned for eight months to infantry regiments to become familiar with Legion weaponry and platoon leadership skills before resuming studies in the 1-year, 8-month senior program. Upon graduation, cadets became apprentice officers with the grade of Prata Khan (but who are treated as officers), and after the successful completion of four months probation in their assigned regiments, are formally commissioned as Ji (starting officer rank).

Assessment of Officer Corps (Strategic Capabilities): Officers are required to be flexible and aware of the battlefield conditions in order to make the correct decisions. Utilizing their training and equipment to the best of their abilities as well as those legionary under their command. With hundreds of years in making the academies as they are, officers from these sources define the Haru military complex in action and dedication.

Assessment of Logistical Capabilities: An army as vast as the one the Imperium holds cannot be effective without a strong service base. Haru service bases dot the landscape as do underground supply depots, fuel storage areas and so on.

Legion Locations Imperial Guard Legionary Deployment Komsomolsk-na-Amure,  Eastern Defensive Border

o 1st Tank Regiment,

o 147th Artillery Regiment

o 1117th Aero Defence Regiment

o 136th Independent Intelligence Battalion

o 1174th Independent Anti-Tank Battalion

o 211st Independent Engineer Battalion

o 614th Independent Chemical Battalion

o 47th Independent Signal Battalion

o 190th Independent Maintenance Battalion

o 1063rd Independent Supply Battalion

o 370th Independent Medical Battalion

Special Forces Deployment

  • 51st Parachute Landing Regiment
  • 89th Light Armor Regiment
  • 137th Parachute Landing Regiment
  • 1182nd Artillery Regiment
  • 107th Independent Aero Defence Regiment
  • 322nd Independent Engineer Battalion
  • 731st Independent Communications Battalion
  • 43rd Independent Repair Battalion
  • 110th Independent Transport Squadron

o 120th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment

  • 122nd Ground Attack Aviation Division
  • 147th Separate Mixed Aviation Squadron


Tagnik Zun Deployments Prathen City-State

4th Tagnik Zun

  1. 429th Motor Rifle Regiment
  1. 503rd Motor Rifle Regiment
  1. 693rd Motor Rifle Regiment
  1. 292nd SP Artillery Regiment
  1. 481st Anti-aerocraft Missiles Regiment
  1. 141st Separate Tank Regiment
  1. 23rd Anti-aerocraft Mobile Regiment
  1. 20th Anti-aerocraft Mobile Regiment


Vek Elemmire Deployments Prathen City-State, Western Border

2nd Vek Elemmire

o 712th Interceptor Aviation Regiment

o 350th Interceptor Aviation Regiment 

  • 48th Composite Aviation Division 
  • 102nd Ground Attack Aviation Division
  • 127th Separate Mixed Aviation Squadron

o 337th, Daist Separate Helicopter Regiments

o 373rd Secundus Separate Helicopter Regiments

o 112th Separate Helicopter Squadrons

o 162nd Separate Helicopter Squadrons

  1. 21st Anti-aerocraft Missiles Regiment
  1. 81st Anti-aerocraft Missiles Regiment
  1. 1st Radar Defense Regiment
  1. 6th Radar Defense Regiment


Buki Elghinn Deployments Yaris City-State, Southern Border

32nd Army, Yaris City-State

  1. 34th Motor Rifle Regiment
  1. 15th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade
  1. 2nd Legion Infantry
  1. 33rd Regiment Heavy Armor
  1. 34th Regiment Medium Armor
  1. 77th Light Combat Armor Regiment
  1. 78th Light Combat Armor Regiment
  1. 27th Motor Rifle Regiment
  1. 31st Anti-aerocraft Missiles Regiment
  1. 11th Radar Defense Regiment


Renor Elemmiire Deployments Northern Defensive Border

16th Army, Ulusk City-State

  • 60th Tank Regiment
  • 206th Motor Rifle Regiment
  • 2nd Legion 'Sa'Karn' Motor Rifle Division
  • 4th Legion Tank Division
  • 26th Legion Tank Training Division
  • 32nd Legion Motor Rifle Division
  • 106th Legion Airborne Division
  • 2nd Legion Alpine Infantry Division
  1. 3rd Anti-aerocraft Mobile Regiment
  1. 10th Anti-aerocraft Mobile Regiment
  1. 9th Radar Defense Regiment


Mzil Velven Deployments  Coastal Defensive Border

67th Army, Taganrog City-State

  1. 70th Motor Rifle Regiment
  1. 71st Motor Rifle Regiment
  1. 72nd Motor Rifle Regiment
  1. 392nd Tank Regiment
  1. 50th Artillery Regiment
  1. 1203rd Anti-aerocraft Missile Regiment
  1. 125th Radar Defense Regiment

77th Army, Hades City-State

  • 68th Tank Regiment
  • 209th Motor Rifle Regiment
  • 7th Legion 'Reina' Motor Rifle Division
  • 12th Legion Tank Division
  • 26th Legion Tank Training Division
  • 32nd Legion Motor Rifle Division
  1. 50th Guards Training Artillery Regiment
  1. 1203rd Anti-aerocraft Missile Regiment
  1. 15th Radar Defense Regiment

15th Army, Ttoile City-State


Coastal Deployments, 1st Legion, House Varic Zun


Legion, Fleet, and Aero Banners

  • 1st Imperial Legion - The 1st Imperial Guard is a full Legion is assigned duties within the Komsomolsk-na-Amure, upon the GHET Defensive Border
  • 1st Imperial IAG - A ground attack aero-half legion in service to the greater sovereign imperium of Machina Haruspex. Currently deployed to the Northern Border.
  • 1st Imperial Legion - A full legion Guardians of that patrol and are deployed in and around the Imperial Central Ward and the Empress.
  • 2nd Strike Fleet - Deployed to the Territorial waters line
  • 2nd Imperial IAG - An Interceptor Aero-Half Legion that is currently deployed to the southern defensive border.
  • 4th Tagnik Zun Legion - A full legion deployed in and around the city-state of Prathen