Monarchy of Caldia

King of Caldia
Glytter Greater CoA.png
Kenneth IV
since 5 August 2010
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchDaireann I
Formation720 CE
ResidenceSt Ellen's Palace

The monarchy of the Caldia, commonly referred to as the Caldish monarchy, is the constitutional monarchy of Caldia. The monarch's title is usually tied to their gender, with females taking "Queen" while males take "King". The current monarch, King Kenneth IV, ascended the throne following the abdication of King Elton II on 5 August 2010.

The monarch and his or her immediate family undertake various official, ceremonial, diplomatic and representational duties. As the monarchy is constitutional, the monarch is limited to non-partisan functions such as bestowing honours and appointing the Taoiseach. The monarch is, by tradition, commander-in-chief of the Caldish Armed Forces. Though in the past the ultimate formal executive authority over the government of Caldia was by and through the monarch's royal prerogative, these powers have been gradually dissolved through various laws and acts, all of which found support from the reigning monarchs.

The Caldish monarchy traces its origins from the Warring Clans period, during which High Chieftess Daireann of Aerach married High Chief Torán of Diabhal. Following their union of both house and nation, she launched a successful campaign to unify the island, and as a result established the Kingdom of the Ghailles, with herself as Queen of the Ghailles. The current title stems from Queen Ailbe II, who renamed her kingdom after the Caldish Isles on 20 May 1017.



Modern Status

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Appointment of the Taoiseach

Dissolution of the Comhthionól Náisiúnta

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