Countries Unification of Ingelmia

Unificazione dei Paesi di Ingelmia
Flag of Ingelmia
Motto: Prosperity, Peace, and Plurality for the Republic
Official languagesIngelmian
Recognised national languagesMelarish
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
• Il Duce
Julius Junios
• President of the Consiglio Repubblicano
Antonio Eiunadi
Chamber of the Deputies
• Archadian Expedition
15 October 1527
• First Constitution
16 July 1713
• Independence and Sovereignty
2 May 1880
7 August 1897
1 April 1953
26 November 2017
860,000 km2 (330,000 sq mi)
• 2015 estimate
• Census
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
44.057 Ingelmian Lira
• Per capita
HDI (2013)Increase 0.910
very high
CurrencyIngelmian Lira (ILL) (I)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+069
ISO 3166 codeIL
Internet TLD.Il

Ingelmia (Unificazione dei Paesi di Ingelmia) is an Oceanian country located in the southwestern Pacificanna Ocean. The island neighbors New Akiba to the south, Zanarkand to the west, and its colonies of the Ingelmian Micronesia to the north. The current leader of Ingelmia is Julius Junios, who has abolished the title of Chancellor into the more authoritarian title of Il Duce.

In 1527, an Archadian explorer, John Ingel landed and claimed the island for Archadia. After a battle with the natives that costed the explorer's life, the island was renamed to Ingelmia after its discoverer. Months later, the Archadian Emperor sent more expeditions to the island, colonizing it. It took almost 30 years before the whole island was subjugated under Imperial rule. Archadians established numerous establishments such as cities, roads, farms, and other agricultural and industrial facilities. In 1700, the first Ingelmian Senate was opened with the first constitution being drafted in 1713. During the Industrial Revolution, Ingelmia's economy blossomed and became one of the leading ports of trade in the region. It originally traded with its Oceanian neighbors, New Akiba and Zanarkand until the 1860s, when the Ingelmian Navy sunk a New Akibander Merchant ship, erupting into the Oceanian Boat Wars and the start of the ZANAK-Ingelmia War, since then, only a temporary peace treaties have been a way of negotiating a ceasefire and that no official peace treaty between the ZANAK and Ingelmia has ever been signed. Ingelmia declared its independence from Archadia in 1880s. Ingelmia and Archadia signed the Treaty of Sarcolanzi, which had Archadian interests continue growing in its former colony, as well as the leasing of Archadian military equipment to the Ingelmian Republican Army.

It declared neutrality during the First and Second Europan War due to the fear of troops from the other Commonwealth nations coming into the aid of its realms. By the War of Lorican Aggression, Ingelmia took aggressive steps, invading Bellhals, raiding New Akiba and Zanarkand, and even protracting a full-scale invasion of New Akiba. Since 2000, Ingelmia possesses nuclear capability similar to New Akiba and Zanarkand. During the Imperial Crisis, Ingelmia sided with the Imperial faction in hopes of finally being able to conquer both New Akiba and possibly Zanarkand.







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