CountryTrellinese Empire
 • Urban
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC−1 (TCT)
Area code(s)039

Kyeret is a town in southern Retikh, in Trellin. It is built on the south bank of the Basaka, a right-hand tributary of the Sarma. Kyeret and its environs have a population of 71,000.

Kyeret was founded by the Princes of Retikh in the eighth century as a market town on the last crossing over the Basaka before it joins the Sarma. It became a frontier town in the eleventh century, as the territory of Nersika encroached on that of Retikh, and it was heavily garrisoned. Fortification works were still in progress in 1104, when the Long Siege of Kyeret began. In 1107, the city capitulated to a combined Nersikan—Velaran army.

As a Velaran dominion, Kyeret was fully encircled by impressive stone walls, which enabled it to repel multiple Nersikan incursions in the following two centuries. Kyeret received a charter as a royal city in 1207 to commemorate the centenary of the Long Siege. It is thus one of only two Retikan cities, with Zarthalin, to receive such a charter. The city commanded an important position in the wars between Velar and Trellin, which hoped to seize Kyeret and Forit and thus begin the encirclement of Zarthalin; however, Kyeret staunchly resisted all attempts at its conquest and the Trellinese gave up all hope of taking it. In the sixteenth century, particularly after the Constitution Revolts of the 1530s, Kyeret enjoyed considerable trade and growth, and it sprawled outside its medieval walls, which were allowed to fall into disrepair.

Kyeret was the scene of a minor battle in 1769, during the War of the Velaran Succession, when the town, ruled by the pro-Trellinese Timraet family, unsuccessfully resisted Miróist general Kúfet Heruyel.