Kingdom of the Nersa

Flag of Nersika
Kingdom of the Nersa (tan) in 1200
Kingdom of the Nersa (tan) in 1200
CapitalNersi (661-868)
Konoros (868-1276)
Zynaxa (1276-1387)
Common languagesTrellinese
Historical eraMiddle Ages
• Settlement
• Capitulation of Zynaxa
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Principality of Retikh
Kingdom of the Isles of Velar
Today part of Trellin

The Kingdom of the Nersa, usually known as Nersika, was an Ethlorek state in central Trellin, with its capital first at Nersi, then at Konoros from 868 until 1276 and lastly at Zynaxa. It was founded by settlers from Trellin in the mid-600s on the north shore of the Bay of Pedalin. After a series of conflicts, Nersika came to eclipse its neighbour, the Retikh, in the 10th century, and by the 1200s had annexed most of the land between the Vekra Retiqa and the sea. Once a firm ally of the Kingdom of the Isles of Velar, in the thirteenth century their relations declined, leading to a series of wars in the second half of the century. Konoros, and the Nersikan coastline, were ceded to Velar in 1276, and Nersika's capital moved to Zynaxa. It was annexed by Txerig I of Trellin in 1387.


The word nersa apparently derives from an unidentified language, which some believe to be Itaari, of one of the indigenous forest peoples of central Trellin. It refers to a broad sand flat, such as those northwest of the river Flotir which formed part of the kingdom's border. This name was given to the kingdom's capital, Nersi, which because of its position was destroyed by floods in 868. A new capital was built at Konoros, a few miles to the south.

Nersika was one of only a few Ethlorek states to style itself a kingdom. While most of the lands settled by Trellinese acknowledged, however loosely, some form of allegiance to the Sidereal Crown, by taking the title of king a ruler declared himself equal to, and not beneath, the King of Trellin. Largely because of this, when Nersika was annexed by Trellin in the 1300s and became a province it was named Retikh instead.