Principality of Retikh

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Principality of Retikh

c. 300–1121
Flag of Retikh
Principality of Retikh (orange) in 1200
Principality of Retikh (orange) in 1200
Common languagesTrellinese
• c. 300-320
• 1089-1121
Historical eraMiddle Ages
• Secession
c. 300
• Fall of Zarthal
Succeeded by
Kingdom of the Isles of Velar
Today part of Trellin

The Principality of Retikh (also historically referred to in English as the Retikh) was an Ethlorek state in central Trellin. Its capital was at Zarthal (modern Zarthalin), on the north shore of the Sea of Velar. Settled initially under Trellin's Stediz I in the 1st century AD, it seceded some time during the reign of King Tedrothin, around the year 300. It nevertheless remained friendly to the Sidereal Crown and enjoyed great prosperity, Zarthal becoming a major centre of trade where, in the words of a visitor from Lekhmir, "even the beggars' rags are silken purple". The Retikan princes expanded their holdings across the Vekra Retiqa and the river Serëtanz to the north, building a line of fortresses to protect its gains.

Despite this, it suffered depredations from its eastern neighbour, the Kingdom of the Nersa, from the mid-8th century. When the County of Pelna fell to the Kingdom of the Isles of Velar, Retikh was unable to defend multiple frontiers simultaneously. Nersika closed in from the north and, in 1120, a joint Nersikan-Velaran army laid siege to Zarthal. Although Prince Timetai's cousin Iqentos II of Trellin sent substantial forces in a bid to lift the siege, the city fell the following year after a lengthy resistance.