Grand Duchy of Larova

Larova Nagyhercegség
Flag of Larova
COA of Larova
"Más kárán tanul az okos"
Larova in Lira
Larova in Lira
Official languageLarovan
Ethnic groups
  • 52% Larovans
  • 18 % Ackesian
  • 16% Shepmandy
  • 14% Grestian
Church of Verro
GovernmentCrowned republic
• Prime Minister
Zsolt Antal
• Grand Duke
Zsombor Pesti
• 2016 estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
302,222,539 ₾
CurrencyRuble (Br)
Time zoneUTC-6
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Driving sideright

The nation of Larova or formally known as The Grand Duchy of Larova is a constitutional monarchy in central Lira in the region of Greater Olympus. it is border in the east entirely by Ackesia and in the west by Grenzaria. It's capital and largest city Cellherto is regarded as one pf the oldest recorded settlements in eastern Lira and as the epicenter of eastern Liran heritage.

Known for its historical tourist destinations and rich farming land, Larova is one of the oldest monarchies in Lira with the Grand Duchy dating back to the 2nd century A.D. Larozan coal is also an important energy source within the nation, but in recent years has drawn criticism for its pollution compared to the rest of the region.

Today Larova is regarded as an unstable nation with much of the northern portion of the nation in open revolt against the royal government. The government itself has attempted to stabilize the nation's north but with little success. Thus the government relies on foreign peace keepers from Lira and predominately Ackesia to keep the flow of trade moving through the north and maintain access to its coal mines. Criticism from the international community over its handling of these long standing populous rebellions has been high with accusations of the past several Prime Ministers ignoring the situation entirely in favor of foreign money a widespread view.


The concept of the Larovan state originated when the warlord Pracleas founded a settlement on the coast of what is today modern day Larova. There he suppressed several tribal groups. Larova was in fact the word for peace amongst several of the tribes and thus was named their new state.


Larova is a small player on the international stage with most of its focus on internal matters and instability. Military aide for the country is common due to constant violent uprisings which in turn suppress the Larovan economy. The government itself is kept alive by proxy as it is the easiest means for foreign interests to maintain stability in the nation.

Its largest neighbor Ackesia has an increasing interest in the nation as a significant amount of its exports travel through Larova via rail to western Lira. Ackeisan energy conglomerates also are heavily invested in its coal industry. Due to this and the violence in the north where much of the instability exists, Ackesian peacekeepers are a constant in the country. This is with cooperation of the Larovan government.


The government of Larova is a parliamentary republic with a Westminster-style parliament as its unicameral legislature. A Prime Minister who is selected from the leading party of the nation acts as the head of government and derives power to form such governments from the head of state the Grand Duke of Larova.

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