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List of Gaian countries by militaries

This is a list of Gaian countries by militaries. It includes parameters of its active and reserve troops numbers, expenditures, and other data associated with the topic. The term "country" is used in its most common use, in the sense of state which wields sovereignty or has limited recognition.


Flag Country Active military Reserve military Total Expenditure
Arlyon 155,400 1,224,200 1,379,600 ?
Dulebia 76,000 185,000 261,000 Ћ53.08 billion (US$23.80 billion) in 2014
Finium 3,000 5,000 8,000 ?
Mascylla 167,200 329,700 496,900 Ӄ48.7 billion (US$30.9 billion) in 2018

WMDs (weapons of mass destruction)

     No weapons or development program
     Unknown or ambiguous: Nation may or may not possess weapons or development program
     Nation with weapons in development
     Nation party to a nuclear sharing agreement
     Nation with active weapons

Country Chemical Biological Nuclear Warheads (total) First test Birchau Treaty status Nuclear delivery methods
 Mascylla Green x.svg Green x.svg Red check.svg 220 5 March 1950 (Dytika) Signatory and ratifier Nuclear triad