Mariranan Civil War

Mariranan Civil War
Conflicto interno armado en Colombia.png
Date17 August 2013-present
(8 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 4 days)
Status Ongoing

Marirana Mariranan government

Supported by

Flag of the Republic of Nuxica.png Nuxica

Lanzsta flag.png CMLN

Supported by
Flag of Chistovodia.png Chistovodia
Flag of Swetania.svg Swetania
Maracao flag.png Maracao

DFLIP flag.png Xochicualla-Zapoya

Flag of Maririana (civil).png National Council

Supported by
 Imagua and the Assimas

Commanders and leaders
Marirana Dario Lorenzin Lanzsta flag.png Lorenzo Occhetto
Lanzsta flag.png Elisabetta Moro
Lanzsta flag.png26 May Movement.png TBA
Lanzsta flag.pngRed army flag.png TBA
DFLIP flag.png TBA
Flag of Maririana (civil).png Paolo Dallavalle
Flag of Maririana (civil).png TBA
Casualties and losses
300,000–500,000 killed overall
≥13,000,000 internally displaced & ≥5,000,000 refugees

The Mariranan Civil War is an ongoing multi-sided civil war in Marirana between the government, right-wing paramilitaries, drug cartels, anti-government factions, left-wing guerrillas and ethnic separatists. It is the most deadly war in Mariranan history and currently the deadliest ongoing war on the planet.

The war has its roots in the 2012-2013 Mariranan protests which resulted in the fall of president Alfonso Hatoyama and the 40-year domination of the Party of National Reconstruction over Mariranan politics in December 2012. Following Hatoyama's resignation an interim government announced moves to democratise the country after four decades of civic-military dictatorship; however in June 2013 general Dario Lorenzin overthrew the interim government and imposed martial law, shooting protesters. Continued repression from the Lorenzin led to a section of the military to mutiny, forming an alternate government (the Mariranan National Council, CNM) starting the civil war.

In 2015 the MNC split when Zapoyan rebels formed the Federation of Xochicualla-Zapoya, a separatist state intended to represent native interests albeit being primarily dominated by Zapoyans. Later a large section of the MNC supported by Chervolesia formed the Mariranan Committee for National Liberation (CMLN) which supported the creation of a socialist federation to replace the current government.

International organisations have accused virtually all sides involved in the war of war crimes, severe human rights violations and massacres. Peace talks have been largely unsuccessful and the war has caused a major refugee crisis.


Civic-military government

Socioeconomic background


Human rights

2012-2013 political crisis

Initial protest

  • Hatoyama attempts to propose his son as president
  • Everyone says "lol no"
  • Huge protests
  • Military force Hatoyama out

Interim government

  • New govt announces economic and political reforms
  • However continues austerity and does little to reign in police brutality
  • decision to extend term leads to protests

Coup d'état and mutiny

  • Military coup
  • Protests, repression
  • Large sections of the military set up new govt; civil war



Government and allies

  • Military dictatorship run by President Lorenzin
  • Supported by various para's
    • Patriotic defence corps - militia's formed by the govt
    • Catholic Volunteer Corps - Castello-inspired death squad that mainly kills leftists. Also runs drugs
    • Army of God - More fanatical theocratic group. Evangelical.


  • Left-wing umbrella movement
    • 26 May Movement - More inspired by Swetania
    • Red Army - More inspired by Cherv
    • Xochicualla Liberation Corps - Indigenous groups that side with the CLMN rather then Xochicualla-Zapoya.
    • Various socialist parties

Federation of Xochicualla-Zapoya

  • Native group federation. Although officially represents all native groups considered to be Zapoyan-chauvinist
    • Zapoyan National Army - The main backbone of the federation; consists only of Zapoyan fighters.
    • Front for the Liberation of Indigenous Peoples - Consists of other native people's. However has seen huge defections to the Xochicualla Liberation Corps.

Mariranan National Council

  • Alternate government to the central govt. Mainly supported by opponents of the regime who are anti-socialist.
    • Republican Army - formed out a core of defectors from the federal army.

Cartel groups

  • Mixed in with everyone else; have largely dissipated as a political force being coopted into other factions. Ofc that means every faction is dealing drugs.

Foreign support

War crimes

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