Military Academy at Casartium

Royal Military Academy at Casartium
Schola Regalis Militaris in Casartio
Royal Military Academy at Casartium.jpg
Former name
Military Academy at Casartium
Active850 (850)–1642 (1642)

The Military Academy at Casartium (Amalfitan: Schola Militaris in Casartio) was a university in Casartium, Amalfi. It was founded in 850 as the fourth of six universities in the Confederation of Amalphia. It was the most important military academy in the republic almost from its inception, with most of the commanders of Amalfi's armies passing through the university. In 1641, when Ecirius Taranus Roscii ruled from Casartium during the Twelve Days' Monarchy, he renamed the university the Royal Military Academy and ordered that every text in its library be edited to include this new name. After his death and the end of the monarchy, the university was shut down by the Senate as punishment for collaborating with the usurper.