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Mount Verdant, the highest mountain in the Neeves, from the Estmerish side
Highest point
PeakMount Verdant
Length1,030 km (640 mi)
Width140 km (87 mi)
Area74,135 km2 (28,624 sq mi)
EtymologyFrom Montes Nivium, the Solarian name for the range
TranslationSnowy Mountains
CountriesAlsland, Borland, Estmere, Kirenia and Werania

The Neeves are one of the largest and tallest mountain ranges in Euclea, with the height of the range second only to the Aventines. The mountains span across northern Euclea, stretching approximately 1,030 km (644 mi) through five countries; Alsland, Borland, Estmere, Kirenia and Werania.

The mountain range has had a significant effect on the climate and history of northern Euclea. Lands to the south of the range, such as Estmerish Highlands, are significantly drier, as they are within the rain shadow of the Neeves. As a major barrier to movement, the range has been a natural border for centuries; forming part of the northern border of the Solarian Empire and acting as a major southern boundary to the Rudolphine Confederation. In modern history, the Neeves allowed for Longwoodshire to resist the Gaullican advance during the Great War.

There has also been significant human habitation of the Neeves, dating back to at least the Paleolithic. These inhabitants have embraced cultures unique to those living in the surrounding areas; and this has persisted into contemporary times. Traditional industries such as animal herding, cheesemaking and mining were particulaly impactful on creating a unique Neevan culture across borders.

The economy of the region shifted at the turn of the last century. Tourism, particularly that revolving around skiing, has emerged as the primary driver of economic growth in the region, with traditional industries declining. Despite this, the cultural identity of the region has remained distinct.

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People and culture

Largest cities

The Neeves are home to only a few cities, with most settlements instead being smaller towns. There are, however, a number of small cities in the region, which have over 100,000 inhabitants. The largest of these is Laudlinn in Kirenia, but there are other important cities including Nelbrook in Estmere and z in Werania. There are also a number of larger cities which exist outside the range itself but are part of the wider Neevan cultural region, such as Longwood and Witburgh in Estmere, Volkhöfen in Werania and Seitse Sammu and Järsk in Kirenia.

Rank Municipality Inhabitants Country Region
1 Laudlinn 172,134 Kirenia Coat of arms placeholder with question mark and no border.png Laiorgu
2 Nelbrook 113,106 Estmere Swerdia Coat of Arms.svg Swerdia
3 Imbijõgi 111,591 Kirenia Coat of arms placeholder with question mark and no border.png Nividesüda
4 a 106,117 Werania Coat of Arms of Cislania.png Cislania
5 Leofham 103,201 Alsland Coat of arms placeholder with question mark and no border.png Fawkhamshire