O Povo

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O Povo
Luzelese nameO Povo
Esmeiran nameEl Pueblo
Visegan nameO Pobo
Tosuton nameEl Poble
LeaderIsilda Cerqueira
Deputy LeaderSelena Caprichoso
Horácio Pacau
FoundedAugust 6, 2021 (2021-08-06)
Social conservatism
Paretian nationalism
Big tent
Political positionCenter-right to far-right
ReligionSolarian Catholic
Colors     Violet
SloganPara o povo, para a nação!
(For the people, for the nation!)
Câmara do Congresso
196 / 360
Câmara da Assembleia
64 / 120
Regional legislatures
197 / 435

O Povo (The People) is a formal right-wing political alliance in Paretia, it is an alliance between the two populist parties the Patron League and the Alternative Party. It is speculated that the alliance was formulated between the two parties prior to the 2021 snap election, the two agreed to compete together in order to defeat the rising Social Democrats. Eucloscepticism is a central position of the alliance and both parties .The alliance is generally centered around populism, after the split of the Alt Party and merger of it's successor and the LP into Popular Victory it is now united, the parties agreed often on issues such as the Euclean Community and populist positions in general. In response the Social Democrats and other left-wing parties formed their own alliance, Socialist Unity.

The party is considered generally center-right to far-right by most commentators, as the Alt Party includes some more center voices. Some have called the government far-right and even neo-functionalist at times by it's opponents.


  • National Independence Front: This section of the alliance consists of members of both parties and is the largest faction, and is not necessarily located on the left or right wing of the alliance. It is devoted to the independence of Paretia from the Euclean Community. It is unofficially lead technically by Selena Caprichoso, General Secretary of the Patron League. It believes in achieving a referendum to leave the EC, known as "Parexit" by some, as well as gaining economic independence from the Community by reverting back to it's old currency, the Escudo.
  • People's Alliance of Sotiras: Mostly made up of right-leaning members this wing of the alliance is majorly along the right-wing to far-right of the party. Some of it includes neo-functionalist and neo-Novanist ideology. It is unofficially lead by both Paulo Sérgio Lima and Terezinha Roque, it is the second largest section of the party. It adopts some sotirian socialist policy in it's ideology as well. It is the most authoritarian faction and is considered by some to have the most influence within the party.
  • Sotirian Democrats and Liberal Conservatives: This is mostly made up of centre-leaning members, and is the most left-wing part of the alliance, and is located closest to the centre of the political spectrum. Many here are old leaders of the Conservative Union or Together for Liberty and are generally the least nationalist-populist section of the party. Some are advocates for direct democracy as it is a major part of the Alt Party's ideology, it is lead by Demétrio Rego.
  • National Economic Action: This is mostly made up of fiscal conservatives and those who shape economic policy within the party. It is located in the centre-right to right-wing section of the alliance. It is the smallest group in the party and it is lead by Rafa Peixoto, current Economic Minister of Paretia.


Party name Years Ideology Position Leader(s) Câmara do Congresso Câmara da Assembleia Regional legislatures
Popular Victory 2022- Right-wing populism, social conservatism, eucloscepticism, Paretian nationalism Far-right Isilda Cerqueira
Selena Caprichoso
191 / 360
62 / 120
197 / 435