Selena Caprichoso

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The Most Honorable

Selena Caprichoso
Rocío Monasterio 2019.jpg
Selena Caprichoso in 2021
Deputy Premier of Paretia
Assumed office
August 6 2021
Serving with Horácio Pacau
Preceded byCarlos Del Alvarez
Paulo Sérgio Lima
General Secretary of the Patron League
Assumed office
15 June 2021
Preceded byPosition established
Congresswoman of Lacuna
Assumed office
25 July 2014
Preceded byMaximiliano Machado
Leader of the Patron League
In office
20 December 2013 – 15 June 2021
Preceded byPosition established
Succeeded byPosition changed
Mayoress of Lacuna
In office
16 October 2006 – 25 July 2014
Preceded byIolanda Mata
Succeeded byLucas Nogeira
Personal details
Selena Natavidade Reis Caprichoso

4 October 1976 (Aged 45)
Verainho, Luzela
Political partyPopular Victory (2022-present)
Patron League (2013-2022)
Conservative Union (1998-2013)
Spouse(s)Leonel Braga (m 2012.)
Alma materUniversity of Paralo, Saint Roderic University

Selena Natavidade Reis Caprichoso(Born 4 October 1976) is a Paretian politician and political leader. She is currently serving as Deputy Premier of Paretia since August 2021.

For much of Caprichoso's career she has served as the leader of the right-wing populist Patron League, which she founded in December 2013. She entered politics serving as the Mayoress of Lacuna from 2006 to 2014, originally as a member of the Conservative Union. Part of the populist euclosceptic wing of the party, she became growingly dissatisfied with the UC's slow push towards the center. Many of the party's leaders became pro-EC and more liberal conservative and centrist.

Alongside Paulo Sérgio Lima and António De Armas, she founded the Patron League in 2013, and ran for Lacuna in the 2014 elections, she would end up winning her seats alongside her party winning a few more. The party would later make more victories in the 2017 elections, and would be able to join the loosely-united UC-lead coalition, and was very influential on the coalition's voting, and at times dissenting to the coalition, which was lead by Vasco Gonçalves. During this time she became close friends with the few populist UC members left, including the influential Isilda Cerqueira, who was growing weary of staying in her party. They also became close with the Alt Party, another populist euclosceptic party centered around direct democracy, lead by Horácio Pacau.

In the 2020 elections her party would take many of the UC's seats, which many had switched parties or lost to the LP. It became the third-largest party and was able to threaten to collapse the government unless a new Premier was selected. They called on the independent populist and friend of the LP Isilda Cerqueira to become the new Premier.

In 2021 Cerqueira and Caprichoso began to realize the UC and the other parties were too moderate for them, and Cerqueira decided to join the LP in June 2021. She then called for a snap election. The LdP and Conservative Union would leave the coalition and a snap election would be called. A decision between Cerqueira and Caprichoso was made the split the leadership of the LP, with Cerqueira as Chairwoman and Caprichoso as General Secretary. The 2021 snap election saw the LP wipe out the UC, which had become swallowed with controversy and unpopularity, as well as hold off the rising left-wing Social Democrats.

The election saw the LP and the Alt Party decided to form a government together under the alliance O Povo. Caprichoso and Pacau would become both Deputy Premier of Paretia under the new Cerqueira-lead far-right populist government. During the first months of the O Povo government, Caprichoso was the central architect of a variety of women and family-oriented bills, one of them banning most abortion in Paretia.

Caprichoso's politics has been described as far-right populist, hardline-euclosceptic, and nationalist. She has described herself as social conservative on most social issues, and has defined her economic stances as "economic populist with a sprinkle of socialism".

Early Life and Career

Mayoress of Lacuna

Conservative Union

New Right Alliance

Patron League

Congressional Career

Early Career

2020 election

2021 snap election

Deputy Premier(2021-)

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