Organization of Asterian Nations

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Organization of
Asterian Nations
  • Gaullican:Organisation des nations astériennes
    BlostlandicOrganisation av Ästerianska Nationer
    AsteriaansOrganisasie van Asteriaanse Nasies
    LuzeleseOrganização das Nações Astericanas
    RuttishAsterijos Tautu Organizacija
    SoravianOrhanizatsiya Asterianskikh Natsiy
    VespasianOrganizzazione degli Nazioni Asteriani
    WeranianOrganisation asterikanischer Nationen
Flag of the Asterias.png
High CommissionHammarvik
Working LanguagesEstmerish
Official languages
of contracting states
10 languages
2 observers
• High Commissioner
Gapolania Giuliano Caruso
• Foundation
1 July 1935
• OAN Charter
11 February 1936

The Organization of Asterian Nations is a regional intergovernmental organization composed of the majority of nations in Asteria. It was created in the aftermath of the Great War with the intention to promote further regional cooperation and solidarity between member states. The OAN facilitates debates on political, social, cultural, economic and environmental affairs through its many committees. It is headquartered in the Eldmarkian city of Hammarvik.

All member states are given representation in each of the organization's committees, and may settle government disputes in the Asterian International Court. The OAN's current High Commissioner is Gapolanian politician Giuliano Caruso.




OAN Headquarters


General Assembly

The OAN is subdivided into several committees, each covering particular topics of international interest. The largest committee is the General Assembly, a non-binding council where each member state is granted representation. It meets regularly twice a year in a general assembly session, and is responsible for overseeing the budget, overseeing the overall reports made from other commitees. The General Assembly may also pass non-binding resolutions about topics of relevance. Chairmanship of the General Assembly is rotating and merely regimental, with the president overseeing the handling of the sessions. Chairman terms last for a year and rotated in alphabetical order between member nations.

Councils under jurisdiction of the GA

  • Economic Affairs Council
  • Asterian Oceanic Council
  • Asterian Committee for Native Rights
  • Cultural and Social Council

Economic Affairs Council

The Economic Affairs Council is responsible for the discussion of economic affairs between all Asterian nations as well as the coordination of the commissions and institutions under its responsibility. The council meets weekly and has representation from all member states in the form of one delegation per nation. It has rotative presidency with one year terms.


  • Industrial Development Commission
  • Asterian Trade Commission
  • Commission for Scientifical Development
  • TBD

Unlike Councils and the General Assembly, membership on these councils is elected among members with seats divided per region.

Oceanic Council

Asterian Committee for Native Rights

Cultural and Social Council

Asterian Trusteeship Commission




As of 2021, there are eighteen full members and two observers participating within the institutional framework of the Organization of Asterian Nations.


Nation Capital Language Population Gross domestic product
GDP (nominal)
per capita
Area (km²) Year joined
 Arbolada Ponto Solar Luzelese
25,948,906 $600,635,237,846 $17,300 916,967 TBD
 Ardesia Rémont&
São Agostinho
Luzelese 54,335,100 $680,873,638,100 $12,531 1,494,868 TBD
Asterian Federative Republic Asterian Federative Republic Assunçã Luzelese 80,484,000 $770,312,364,000 $9,571 1,660,826 TBD
 Aucuria Kalnaspilis Ruttish 30,223,510 $213,649,992,190 $7,069 1,098,581 TBD
 Azure Coast Sartoux Gaullican 22,575,970 $229,146,095,500 $10,150 1,042,344 TBD
 Bonaventure Sermoni Vespasian 3,298,969 $26,368,659,217 $7,993 40,015 TBD
 Belmonte Castelonovo Luzelese 36,334,190 $577,277,610,720 $15,888 1,003,144 TBD
 Cassier New Rayenne Gaullican 39,889,032 $1,626,993,837,216 $40,788 9,405,868 TBD
 Chistovodia Misto Myru Soravian 61,109,847 $2,126,622,675,600 $34,800 2,399,981 TBD
 Eldmark Hammarvik Blostlandic 34,764,129 $816,957,031,500 $23,500 1,614,037 TBD
 Gapolania Nassea Vespasian 19,625,443 $131,961,478,732 $6,724 634,224 TBD
 Île d'Émeraude Port-au-Grégoire Gaullican 1,546,923 $19,888,789,011 $12,857 133,970 TBD
 Imagua and the Assimas Cuanstad Estmerish
1,306,505 $22,211,891,505 $17,001 24,495 TBD
 Keppland Vajki Blostlandic 20,865,930 $319,999,902,480 $15,336 663,264 TBD
 Nuvania Pietersburg Asteriaans
50,357,327 $568,081,005,887 $11,281 1,055,828 TBD
 Puramape Providence Gaullican 7,652,362 $100,169,418,580 $13,090 998,000 1935
 Rizealand Camden none 64,571,281 $2,681,709,871,211 $41,531 1,831,549.44 TBD
 Sainte-Chloé Port de la Sainte Gaullican 10,342,850 $77,199,032,400 $7,464 120,982 TBD
 Satavia Port Hope Asteriaans
24,581,912 $479,347,284,000 $19,500 600,105 TBD
 Satucin Gatôn Gaullican 201,105,368 $2,717,737,943,152 $13,514 3,022,226 TBD
 Vinalia Vinalinsk none 25,878,816 $269,657,262,720 $10,420 510,917 TBD


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