Operation Eastern Protection

Operation Eastern Protection
Part of Renewed RLM Insurgency
Operation Eastern Protection.jpg
The Xiaodongese Army entering Heijiang
Date14 January 2009 - 18 March 2009
(2 months and 4 days)


Tinzan Eternal Realm
Commanders and leaders
Xiaodong Ren Shaokuan
(Commander of the 2nd Army)
Xiaodong Wu Yunxiang
(Commander of the Northeast Military District)
Chen Chuzhong
(Commander of the National Restoration Army)
Ajahadya Saeed Pursnani
(Commander of the 188th Independent Republican Guard Parachute Infantry Brigade )
Zorasan Ali Akbar Ghazali
(Commander of the 13th Mechanised Infantry regiment)
(Presidium Commander of the Lhogrong Theatre)
Nyandak the Lion
(Commander of the People's Protection Organisation)
Su Phuntsok
(Commander of the Southern Army)
Units involved

Xiaodong Xiaodongese Defence Force

National Restoration Army
Ajahadya Army of the Federal Republic of Satria

Zorasan Zorasani Irfanic Revolutionary Land Forces

Revolutionary Army

People's Protection Organisation

Tinzan State Security Forces

7,000 soldiers
80 armoured vehicles
10,000 fighters
5,095 soldiers
3,000 soldiers
40 armoured vehicles
14,000 fighters
Tinzan Eternal Realm
1,200 soldiers
Casualties and losses
Xiaodong 24 killed
67 injured
58 killed
Ajahadya 8 killed
Zorasan 9 killed
27 injured
191 killed
59 injured
63 killed
150+ civilians killed

Operation Eastern Protection (Xiaodongese: 东方保护行动; Dōngfāng Bǎohù Xíngdòng) was a cross border military operation between Xiaodong and the Xiaodongese-backed Xiaodongese Republic of Heijiang in the region of Lhogrong in Tinza. Started in January 2009 following the declaration of independence by Heijiang from Tinza a month prior, the operation saw Xiaodongese forces capture several cities held by the Revolutionary Labour Movement and stabilise the independence of the republic of Heijiang decisively defeating RLM and Tinzan government forces.

The operation began after premier Yuan Xiannian authorised Xiaodongese forces to assist the breakaway state of Heijiang following the latter's inability to successfully defend against RLM and Tinzan government forces. In a speech made to the State Presidium of Xiaodong Yuan stated that the operation was designed to "stabilise the northern border and secure the independence of the Heijiang government" and that Xiaodongese forces were invited to intervene by the Heijiang government which is officially recognised by Xiaodong.

General Ren Shaokun in March 2009 following the end of the operation has stated that the operation was "strategic success" and that Xiaodong would continue to conduct military operations in Tinza until until there is a comprehensive agreement between Heijiang and a Tinzan government which would guarantee the independence and territorial integrity of Heijiang. This never occurred with plans to launch a greater invasion of Tinza abandoned in April 2009. Tinza has since claimed Heijiang to be an integral part of their territory and has criticised the operation as a de facto invasion of Tinzan territory. Xiaodong strongly denies these claims and states the operation was designed to protect the Xiaodongese minority in Tinza, stabilise the government of Heijiang and ensure stability on Xiaodong's south-eastern border.