Xiaodongese Republic of Heijiang

Flag of Heijiang
StatusPartially recognised state
Recognised by Xiaodong and 3 other CN Nations
and largest city
Official languagesXiaodongese
Ethnic groups
GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republic
• President
Pan Jiayong
• Premier
Jiang Meiying
LegislatureLegislative Council
Partially recognised independence from Kuthina
18 November 2008
14 January 2009 - 18 March 2009
• Census
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
$27,333 million
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
$6,228 million
• Per capita
Driving sideleft
Calling code+56 743

The Xiaodongese Republic of Heijiang (Xiaodongese: 黑疆晓东民族共和国; Hēijiāng Xiǎodōng Mínzú Gònghéguó, literally "Heijiang Xiaodong-National Republic") is an unrecognised state in southern Coius. Bordered by Siamat, Kuthina and Xiaodong, the state is only recognised by a handful of countries with the majority of nations recognising it as being part of the Hameung province in Kuthina.




Heijiang is currently governed as a unitary semi-presidential republic. The head of state is the President (国家主席; literally "State Chairman") who are elected every five years in a direct election. The head of government is the Premier who leads the Executive Council. The legislature of Heijiang is the Legislative Council which is elected every four years under proportional representation. Heijiang's governmental system is based on Xiaodong's with the Executive Council (行政局) the Legislative Council (立法会) the Judicial Council (司法会) and the Examination Council (考試会) serving as the four branches of government. Unlike in Xiaodong there is no state presidium with the president handling most of those duties.

The constitution of Heijiang was drafted between December 2008 and was promulgated by the interim administration in November 2009. Based heavily on the Xiaodong's the constitution outlines Heijiang as a "revolutionary state based on its Xiaodongese ethnic and spiritual heritage" and constitutionally enshrines the country as being a "brother republic to the Auspicious Republic of Xiaodong".

The main political debate in Heijiang is whether to maintain its status as an independent republic within a confederation with Xiaodong or merge into Xiaodong as a special administrative region. Since 2016 the government has announced it would explore amending the constitution to make unification with Xiaodong a "strategic priority".

The president of Heijiang is Pan Jiayong, who previously served as the interim chief of government from January 2009 to his election as president in March 2010, having being re-elected in 2015. Pan is officially a political independent but is seen as pro-Xiaodong and a supporter of unification. The premier is Jiang Meiying, who has served as premier since 2018 as well as a previous stint from 2011-2012. The main political parties in Heijiang is the Harmony Association considered a pro-Xiaodongese unification party and the New Progressive Alliance which is considered to be more pro-Heijiang independence. The other parties in the legislature is the Social Democratic League and the National Democratic Party which is considered to be the only cross-ethnic party in Heijiang representing both ethnic Xiaos and Kasines.

Due to Heijiang's international isolation and heavy reliance on Xiaodong it is considered by many to be a puppet state of Xiaodong. Xiaodong is seen to have a high amount of influence over Heijiang politics with presidential candidates being seen to be unofficially endorsed by Xiaodong before running.

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