Republic of Paretia

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Republic of Paretia

República da Paretia (Luzelese)
República de Paretia (Esmeiran)
República de Paretia (Tosuton)
República de Paretia (Visegan)
Flag of Paretia
of Paretia
Coat of arms
• 1935-1935
Xulio Sousa
• 1935-1936
Martinho Carreira
• 1936-1939
Ramiro Felipes
• 1939-1944
Enzo Queiroz Miranda
• 1946-1946
João Orvalho
13 February 1935
3 November 1946
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Functionalist Paretia

The Republic of Paretia (Luzelese: República da Paretia; Esmeiran: República de Paretia; Visegan: República de Paretia; Tosuton: República de Paretia), also referred to as the Second Paretian Republic, was a nation located in far eastern Euclea. It was founded after the victory by the Grand Alliance in the Great War.

It was founded in 1935 by the Grand Alliance forces after the overthrownment of the Functionalist Paretian government. Xulio Sousa, who was Premier of Paretia shortly before being overthrown by the functionalists in 1925, returned and ran on a catch-all platform to rebuild the country after the war. He would win the election despite health issues, he would serve shortly as the first President of Paretia. The country would shortly enter and era of peace, however economic stagnation returned as rebuilding from the war seemed to be behind schedule. Sousa would die in January 1936.

He was succeeded by his Vice President Martinho Carreira, who tried to implement economic growth laws, but his government was widely unpopular and collapsed. In a snap election he was replaced by the left-wing Republican Workers' Alliance party under Ramiro Felipes, which slightly brought up wages and labour standards for rebuilding cities, especially for construction workers, which gave them a time of short popularity. However a scandal in which Felipes was caught taking bribes from corporations lead to another snap election and the rise of the Civic Patriotic Republican Pole, a military-originating political party.

The anger amongst the population and rise of separatist movements in Tosutonia and Visega, and the Legionary Reaction lead to the rise of the PRPC, a party that based it's ideology on a military-inspired government, it was lead by General Enzo Queiroz Miranda. It sought to be a catch-all political party, that was fairly authoritarian itself. It would nationalize the defense and firearms industry in Paretia as well as rebuild the military due to the threat of Etruria. His rule saw the use of the military to speed up the reconstruction of Paretia, despite this, rights were trampled under the new government, especially the free press.

Miranda's government targeted the far-left and far-right equally, he feared that Paretia would go the way of Etruria or Kirenia. His government would be the longest-serving of the republic and won re-election in 1943. However in 1944 the Solarian War began and Paretia's military, despite it's large reconstruction program, was defeated and Paretia conquered by the Greater Solarian Republic.



Early Successes

Internal Conflict

Solarian War

Return to Monarchy

List of Presidents

President Term of office Affiliation
1 Antonio Jose Almeida 1919 cropped.jpg Xulio Sousa
XX XX 1935

18 January 1936
Democratic Party of Paretia
2 Diego Martinez Barrio.jpg Martinho Carreira
18 January 1936

14 September 1936
Democratic Party of Paretia
3 General José Miaja.jpg Ramiro Felipes
14 September 1936

12 March 1939
Republican Workers' Alliance
4 Carlos Asensio Cabanillas.jpg Enzo Queroz Miranda
12 March 1939

26 February 1944
Civic Patriotic Republican Pole
5 Juan Vigón (detail).jpg João Orvalho
17 October 1946

20 November 1946
Civic Patriotic Republican Pole