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Republics of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Republics of the Soviet Union (TT).svg
Map of the Republics of the Soviet Union
Location Soviet Union
Created byTreaty on the Creation of the USSR
CreatedDecember 30, 1922; 101 years ago (1922-12-30)
Number15 (as of 2023)
PopulationsSmallest: 1,914,064 (Estonian SSR)
Largest: 182,133,772 (Russian SFSR)
AreasSmallest: 29,800 km2 (11,500 sq mi) (Armenian SSR)
Largest: 17,075,400 km2 (6,592,800 sq mi) (Russian SFSR)
GovernmentOne-party socialist republics
SubdivisionsAutonomous SSRs, oblasts, Autonomous oblasts

The Republics of the Soviet Union- also officially the Union Republics for short, are the first-level administrative divisions of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They are constitutionally co-equal socialist republics based on national and ethnic boundaries. The system was created when the Treaty of Creation became effective on 30 December, 1922; the first Union Republics were Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, and the Transcaucasian SFSR. Currently, there are 15 Soviet Republics, a number which has remained consistent since the establishment of the Baltic republics as soviet republics and the "promotion" of the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic to a full union republic. From 1940 to 1956, as a result of the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland, the Karelo-Finnish ASSR was also a full Union Republic: it was unilaterally downgraded back to an ASSR in 1956. To this day, it is the only time that a Soviet republic has been downgraded back to a lower level administrative division.

The Union Republics hold the constitutional right to secede from the Union; a pleasure not shared by the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republics. While the Union Republics represent the major ethnic groups of the Soviet Union, the Autonomous Republics are intended to represent ethnic minorities. Most of the Autonomous Republics are located within the Russian SFSR- the only republic with a federal based government.

Union Republics of the Soviet Union

Map of the Union Republics as numbered by the Soviet Constitution: 1. Russia, 2. Ukraine, 3. Byelorussia, 4. Uzbekistan, 5. Kazakhstan, 6. Kartvelia, 7. Azerbaijan, 8. Lithuania, 9. Moldavia, 10. Latvia, 11. Kirghizia, 12. Tadzhikistan, 13. Armenia, 14. Turkmenia, 15. Estonia

Currently, the number of union republics in the Soviet Union is 15, with the Karelian ASSR previously being its own union republic from 1940-1956. The Soviet Union does not list its republics in alphabetical order, instead choosing to list them in the order of which they appeared in the constitution.

Emblem Name Flag Capital Official languages Established Joined Population
Area (km2)
Emblem of the Armenian SSR.svg Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Armenian SSR Yerevan Armenian, Russian 2 December 1920 30 December 1922 3,533,925 0.91 29,800 0.13 13
Emblem of the Azerbaijan SSR.svg Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Azerbaijan SSR Baku Azerbaijani, Russian 28 April 1920 30 December 1922 11,740,527 3.04 86,600 0.39 7
Emblem of the Byelorussian SSR (1981-1991).svg Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Byelorussian SSR Minsk Byelorussian, Russian 31 July 1920 30 December 1922 12,548,262 3.25 207,600 0.93 3
Emblem of the Estonian SSR.svg Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Estonian SSR Tallinn Estonian, Russian 21 July 1940 6 August 1940 1,914,064 0.49 45,226 0.20 15
Emblem of the Georgian SSR.svg Kartvelian Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Kartvelian SSR Tbilisi Kartuli, Russian 25 February 1921 30 December 1922 6,465,905 1.67 69,700 0.31 6
Emblem of Kazakh SSR.svg Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Kazakhstan SSR Alma-Ata Kazakh, Russian 5 December 1936 21,618,388 5.6 2,717,300 12.24 5
Emblem of the Kirghiz SSR.svg Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Kirghiz SSR Frunze Kirghiz, Russian 5 December 1936 8,076,395 2.09 198,500 0.89 11
Emblem of the Latvian SSR.svg Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Latvian SSR Riga Latvian, Russian 21 July 1940 3 August 1940 3,248,061 0.84 64,589 0.29 10
Emblem of the Lithuanian SSR.svg Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Lithuanian SSR Vilnius Lithuanian, Russian 21 July 1940 5 August 1940 4,696,408 1.21 65,200 0.29 8
Emblem of the Moldavian SSR (1981-1990).svg Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Moldavian SSR Kishinev Moldavian, Russian 2 August 1940 5,749,631 1.49 33,843 0.15 9
Emblem of the Russian SFSR.svg Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Flag of the Russian SFSR Moscow Russian 7 November 1917 30 December 1922 182,133,772 47.25 17,075,400 76.62 1
Emblem of the Tajik SSR.svg Tadzhik Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Tadzhik SSR Dushanbe Tadzhik, Russian 5 December 1929 12,242,293 3.17 143,100 0.64 12
Emblem of the Turkmen SSR.svg Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Turkmen SSR Ashkhabad Turkmen, Russian 13 May 1925 7,321,851 1.23 491,210 1.89 14
Emblem of the Ukrainian SSR.svg Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Ukrainian SSR Kiev Ukrainian, Russian 10 March 1919 30 December 1922 58,088,061 15.07 603,700 2.71 2
Emblem of the Uzbek SSR.svg Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic Flag of the Uzbek SSR Tashkent Uzbek, Russian 5 December 1924 44,040,864 11.42 447,400 2.01 4