Royal Sjealandic Defence

Royal Sjealandic Defence
Kongelige Sjællandske Forsvar
Logo of the Sjealandic Defence
MottoFor all we have, and all we are
Current form1925
Service branches
HeadquartersForsvarets Operative Hovedkvarter, Asgård
ArchkingRoyal Standard.png Frederik VI
Minister of DefenceDefenseMinister.png Erik Villemoes
RigsmarskChiefOfDefenceFlag.png Admiral Karla de Ulborg
Military age18 for voluntary service
ConscriptionYes enforced universally
Available for
military service
47,769,185, age 18-60 (2015 est.)
Fit for
military service
16,226,502, age 18-60 (2015 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
588,177 (2015 est.)
Active personnel581,965 and 174,835 civillian
Reserve personnel2,700,000 and 370,000 in the Homeguard
Deployed personnel16,382 (VAFO peacekeeping and reaction forces) and XVI Brigade deployed in Weichtal
Budget$248 billion
Percent of GDP5%
Domestic suppliersSjealandic Air Productions, Asgård Rifle Syndicate and Asgård Steel Shipyard, Gediar Group, Nordvakt Maritime Solutions, NorSme, Erlev Defence, Tynir, SAMSME, Dyfler Defence & Maritime
Foreign suppliersKreissau, Galideen, Mindras, West Engatia, South Sirklant, Mondejar
Annual importsSmall arms, artillery, non-combat vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, missiles and rockets.
Annual exportsSmall arms, artillery, non-combat vehicles, airplanes, uniform solutions, ships, ammunition, missiles and rockets
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The Royal Sjealandic Defence, also known as His Majesty's Armed Forces, is the unified armed forces of The Archkingdom of Sjealand, charged with the defence of the Realm and its overseas territories, aswell as maintaining Sjealandic sovereignity on the seas and abroad. It also promotes Sjealands wider interests, supports NFO peacekeeping and expansion and provides humanitarian aid. It is the largest military in the West Aldinean Defense Organization and one of the largest on earth.

Since its formation in the 1400's as an amalgamation of the Navy and Army, the armed forces have seen action in a number of major wars involving the world's great powers. Most notably of these have been the Ambrosian War of Liberation, Great War of the North and the Continental War. It has also fought several local conflicts in Aldinea, such as the August War and the War of the Njord. Repeatedly emerging victorious from conflicts has allowed Sjealand to become one of the leading international powers in Aldinea and arguably one of earths leading military and economic powers.

The Sjealandic Defence consists of: the Royal Sjealandic Navy, a blue-water navy and the strongest in Esquarium, the Royal Sjealandic Army, the oldest professional land warfare branch in Aldinea, the Royal Sjealandic Air Force, the air warfare branch, the Sjealandic Home Guard a paramilitary national guard, and the Royal Sjealandic Border Guard a mixed border police, paramilitary and military police unit. The Sjealandic defence makes extensive use of conscription to support its professional branches with conscripts being included in the standing regular reserve. As such Sjealand has an extensive population of able bodied soldiers to count on.

The Archking is the commander in chief of the armed forces under both the Sjealandic law and constitution, and as a result has an important presence in the military. The minister of defence is the serves as the main administrator and commander of the Sjealandic Armed Forces through the Chief of Defence and the Defence Command and the Home guard. The command of the foreign legion falls to the reigning monarch. De facto command of the armed forces fall with the Government, but they cannot mobilise the armed forces for offensive operations without the consent of the monarch and both houses.

Sjealand maintains the concept of total defence (Tynic: Totalforsvar), which is a military policy requiring extensive preparations in case of war, with pipelines and other infrastructure ready to be switched to military use, a preparation to switch governance to a war-government, including having a number of members of the home-guard aswell as other civillians ready to take on military roles in the event of conflict.


Before the War of the Njord

Cold War

Modern History

Purpose and Task

Total Defence

Defence budget



Royal Army

Soldiers operating during the 2019 Weichtal Offensive

The Royal Sjealandic Army (Den Kongelige Rigshær) is divided into 3 field armies along with 1 independent corps. The are further divided into divisions and brigades with regiments being the basic organisational unit of the RSA. All combat and support units in Sjealand originate from regiments with long histories and traditions, typically bearing the name of a region or a specific commander. The army is commanded by the army command. It is a mixture of Mechanized infantry and Armoured cavalry along with minor capabilities in mountain warfare.

The army also provides protection for the Sjealandic Royal Family, in the form of the Royal Life Guard.

Royal Navy

KSS Nordsøriget (R398) a Nordsøriget class Aircraft Carrier of the RSN,

The Royal Sjealandic Navy (Søværnet) is the largest navy in the world. A recognized blue water navy it operates a vast variety of sea-going vessels, from frigates and mine-countermeasure vessels to destroyers and aircraft carriers. The navy is divided into three fleets, the Sea of Njord, Langeyan and Lazarene along with an expeditionary squadron in Galideen. The RSN makes great use of the Stanflex system in its modular warships. The navy's chief responsibility is maritime defence and maintaining the sovereignty of Sjealand and Hinseyan territorial waters

Sjealand maintains a force of both regular submarines and nuclear ballistic missile submarines.

Royal Air Force

Royal Border Guard

Home Guard


Chamber of Defence

Nuclear weapons

Special Forces


Red: National, Light blue: COS, Dark blue: WADO, Green: Independent

Overseas military installations





Women in the military


Traditions and Uniforms


The Royal Sjealandic Army first introduced berets for its armour personnel in 1943. It was later extended to the whole army, Homeguard and parts of the Navy and Airforce, replacing the standard issue side cap, which is now used for dress uniforms.

Colour Wearer
       Black All Army combat units such as the Royal Life Guard, Kings Life Regiment and Ydermarkens Foot Regiment
Green All Army non-combat units as well as artillery: Engineers, Logistics, Army Intelligence Regiment, Army Home Guard
Blue Signal troops
Dark Blue Royal Sjealandic Navy; Naval Home Guard
Light Blue Grey Royal Sjealandic Air Force and Army Air Service; Air Force Home Guard
Maroon Jægerkorpset, SOKOM
Red Military Police (All Branches)
Light Blue (or "Mouse Grey") Sjealandic Foreign Legion,
Dark brown Sjealandic Humanitarian Voluntarily Corp
COS Blue Personnel serving with the Council of States on international peacekeeping missions