Ryarna, Duchess of Tkena

Empress of Exponent, Duchess of Tkena
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Duchess Ryarna in 1775
Born30 September 1741
Mar'theqa, Trellin
Died30 November 1815(1815-11-30) (aged 74)
SpouseMaximinius V, Emperor of Exponent
IssueTitus VI, Emperor of Exponent
Full name
Ryarna Afiloi Palægos-Fenyzómar
HouseHouse of Exponent (by marriage)
FatherElcmar IV
MotherTarien, Queen of Velar
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Ryarna of Exponent (Ryarna Afiloi Palægos-Fenyzómar; 30 September 1741 - 2 April 1815) was the wife of Emperor Maximinius V and thus was Empress of Exponent. During her life she preferred to keep her Trellinese title of Duchess of Tkena, and is most commonly identified as such in Trellinese histories and Blackhelm Confederate histories since the dissolution of the Exponential Empire.

She was the third daughter of Elcmar IV, King of Trellin and the second of Tarien, Queen of Velar. Her eldest son became Emperor Titus VI of Exponent.

Early life



Empress Ryarna Theatre in Bara ti'Emla is named for Ryarna. It was built in the 1880s under Exponential sponsorship but was seized by the Emlan government in 1913 shortly after Trellin entered isolation.