Flag of Emla
Location of Emla (dark green) in the Kingdom of Trellin (light green)
Location of Emla (dark green) in the Kingdom of Trellin (light green)
CapitalBara ti'Emla
 • DukeAndrakus Evdar
 • Total17,014,937
Area code(s)022, 023, 024

Emla (pronounced /ˈɛmlɑː/), officially the Stonehewn Duchy of Emla (Ahéri: Aihei Izker ti'Emla; Trellinese: Berend Si'lechu Emlika), is a province of Trellin, located in the northwest of the country. Its administrative and political centre is Bara ti'Emla, which is also its largest city. It is bordered to the south by Zha'tar, to the east by Arimathea and on all other sides by the Sea of Jajich.

Emla is the 14th largest province in Trellin, at 71,143.82 square kilometres, and with 17,014,937 people as of 2013 it is the 4th-most populous in the empire. Its geography is predominantly mountainous, with extensive ranges in the centre and southeast of the province. The steep granite cliffs on the northwest coast have become Emla's icon, appearing on its flag as a white wall. Halfway along their unbroken stretch from the western to the northern extremes of the province, the Lasara river, just over 182 kilometres long, plunges 150 metres into the Sea of Jajich below, and it is at this waterfall that the province's capital is built. The west of the province is defined by relatively flat land on the high coastal plateau, rising slowly towards the foothills of Emla's mountain ranges.

The province's economy is one of the more industrialised in Trellin, focused on its centres of IT and pharmaceutical production at Bara ti'Emla and other cities.


Early history

The first settlements in Emla were on its southwest coast, on the fertile plains of Ímorth, where a number of small cities prospered. These were mostly subjugated by the emergent kingdom of Ledh ti'Gara in the early first millennium BC. When Ledh ti'Gara was annexed by the expanding Hyseran Empire, its northern towns quickly followed as Hyseran armies and settlers moved along the coast. The city of Bara ti'Emla was established as Hysera's then-northernmost fortress in 472 BC to watch over the Lasara river.

Middle Ages

In 811, during the siege of Hyser, Emla seceded from the empire to form the independent Duchy of Emla.

It later joined the Trellinese Empire in 1532, three years after the marriage of its Duchess Moruza to King Tor'qim of Trellin.


A town perched on the Cliffs of Mlíka



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