Tarien, Queen of the Isles of Velar

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Queen of the Isles of Velar
Reign14 December 1735 – 7 January 1769
PredecessorMariket III
SuccessorElcmar IV
Born21 April 1711
Parthenope, Napocis
Died7 January 1769(1769-01-07) (aged 57)
SpouseElcmar IV of Trellin
IssuePasianë, Princess of Vekri
Ryarna, Duchess of Tkena
Modriq, Duke of Lindros
Full name
Tarien Raqusé Fenyzómar-Ishta
HouseHouse of Fenyzómar
FatherMariket III
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Tarien (21 April 1711 - 7 January 1769) was the daughter of Mariket III. She was Queen of the Isles of Velar from 1735 until her death. The attempt by her spouse, Elcmar IV of Trellin, to succeed the throne of the Isles of Velar, and the prospect of her step-daughter Azara inheriting the kingdom led to the War of the Velaran Succession when her cousin Prince Miró of Txir challenged Elcmar's claim.