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The Sandbar
Founded670 BCE
 • MayorSamoil Zhinzifov
 • Total1,680,291

Sena is a Syaran city located on the northern coast of Makedon. Sena serves as the Realm Capital of Makedon, and with a population of 1,680,291 is the second largest city in Makedon after the capital Zovahr.

Sena has been the site of human habitation since the third millenia, but starting in the 7th Century BCE began serving as a major port for the Makedonian Empire. Sena continued to serve as a trade center following the dissolution of the Empire and the rise of the Arkoennites, and following Syaran independence from Arkoenn once more served as a vital connection with the rest of Tyran for the Kingdom of Makedon. Following the Unification of Syara, Sena was a naval base and home port for the Navy of the Syaran Republic. Following the collapse of the Republic of Syara after the Refusal War, Sena was designated the capital of the Makedon Realm.

Sena remains a major commercial and trade port for the Commonality, and is one of the most trafficked ports in all of Syara.