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Area233,433,200 km2
90,129,062 sq mi
Countries19 List of countries
Internet TLD.sep

Septentrion is a planet that includes a total of five major continents, two large continental lakes and hundreds of islands. Major continents include the largest combined landmass of Kaea and Casaterra to the west, Hemithea to the east and Meridia to the south.

It is a region with both a large variety of climates and ecosystems and a vibrant and bloody history. Septentrion states have fought a large number of wars, perhaps the most destructive being the Pan-Septentrion War in 1931.


Flag Nation Name
in English
Nation Name
in Native Tongue
(In billions of OSD)
(In millions)
Continent Alliance(s)
80px The Organized States of Columbia The Organized States of Columbia $18,078 355.91 Hemithea Western Coalition
SylvaFlag.png National Syndicalist Republic of Sylva República Nacional Sindicalista de Esylvaña $3,569 101.31 Casaterra Commonwealth of Nations
Flag of Menghe.png Socialist Republic of Menghe 대맹 사회주의 궁화국
Dae Meng Sahoejuŭi Gonghwaguk
$6,415 524.92 Hemithea Namhae Front
80px Federation of Soviet Republics Федерация Советских Республик
(Federatsiya Sovetskikh Respublik)
$5,524 278.4 Casaterra Turov Pact
80px Kingdom of Bataviae Koninkrijk van Bataviae $3,169 82.02 Casaterra Veldeburg Group
80px Allied Nations Naciones Aliadas $3,101 206.44 Meridia Commonwealth of Nations
80px The Socialist Republic of Erquin Socjalistyczna Republika Erquin $1,369 49.62 Casaterra Turov Pact
80px Kingdom of Eisenmaat Eisenmaan Königreich $2,542 70.62 Casaterra Commonwealth of Nations
80px The Socialist Republic of Maverica Sozialist Republik Einzelgänger $4,014 255.0 Hemithea Non-aligned
80px Dictatorship of Hokotani 誇谷の独裁
(Hokotani no Dokusai)
$1,163 28.5 Meridia MEDA
80px The Federal Republic of Maltecna Die Bundesrepublik Maltecna $842 27.12 Casaterra Non-aligned
TyranFlag.jpg The Royal Kingdom of New Tyran The Royal Kingdom of New Tyran $2,367 78.0 Casaterra Western Coalition
80px Federal Republic of Neo-Pillowlandia La República Federal de Pillowlandia $1,341 85.32 Meridia MEDA
80px The Federal Republic of Mozria Федеративная Республика Мозрия
(Federativnaya Respublika Mozriya)
$2,869 107.45 Casaterra Non-aligned
80px United Provinces of Verpletterant Verenigde Provinsies van Verpletterant $960 49.12 Meridia MEDA
Flag of the Repubblica Romana (1798).svg Grand Allancian Republic Grande Republique d'Allancienne $946 27.3 Casaterra Western Coalition
Flag of Angola.svg The Confederacy of Ahjistan --- $1,023 119.67 Hemithea Non-aligned
80px Queendom of Aenvelinck Aenvelinck Karalystė $1,066 47.3 Meridia MEDA
Flag-of-minilov.svg The Republic of Minilov Республикa Миниловa
(Respublika Minilova)
$284 6.2 Casaterra Western Coalition
80px Vyzhvan Collectivist State Ⰲyⰸⱈⰲⰰⱀⱄⰽⰻⰻ Ⰽⱁⰾⰵⰽⱅyⰲⰻⱄⱅⱄⰽⰻⰻ Ⰴⰵⱃⰸⱈⰰⰲⰰ
(Vyzhvansʹkyy Kolektyvistsʹkyy Derzhava)
$289 22.9 Casaterra Non-aligned

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