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Silvia Tarpeia

Silvia Tarpeia
Countess of Prévert
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BornSilvia Tarpeia Anicia Euphemia Helena Zoe
(1976-07-19) 19 July 1976 (age 44)
Villa d'Vigueria, Rutupiae, Latium
HouseTarpeius (by birth)
Villeneuve-Lugarne (by marriage)
FatherDuke Constantine Tarpeius
MotherPrincess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Silvia, Countess of Prévert (Silvia Tarpeia Anicia Euphemia Helena Zoe; b. 19 July 1976) is a Latin noble. She the youngest child of Duke Constantine Tarpeius and Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna. At the time of her birth she was tenth in line to the Latin throne; she is currently fourty-ninth.

In 1996, she married Georges, Count of Prévert, and together they have two children, Michel and Félix. She holds the title Countess of Prévert by courtesy of her husband.

Early life and education

Silvia was born on 19 July 1976 at Villa d'Vigueria in Rutupiae, Latium to Duke Constantine Tarpeius and Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna. She was baptized into the Fabrian Catholic Church in August 1976 at Sancta Sapientia in Castellum by Leontius Canuleius, Archbishop of Castellum. Her godparents were Prince Theophylactus, Duke of Ossonoba (her mother's uncle), and Silvia Licinia (a popular musician and her mother's close friend, for whom she is named).

Silvia attended Saint Aelia in suburban Adrianople for secondary school, and afterwards took a two year gap period before enrolling in university. In 1991, she entered university, enrolling in Transtiberim College at the University of Haenna where she studied history and modern languages. After her graduation in 1994 she moved to Lyncanestria and resided with her father who served as Latium's ambassador to the country at the time.

Marriage and family

Silvia married Georges, Count of Prévert in March 1996. She and Georges met during her residency in Lyncanestria while her father served as the Latin Ambassador. Together they have two children: Michel and Félix; however, her husband's illegitimate son, Nicolas, was raised in their household.


Name Birth Death Notes
Michel, Viscount of Saude (1997-01-30) 30 January 1997 (age 23)
Félix, Prince du Sang (2000-02-04) 4 February 2000 (age 20)

Styles, titles and arms

  • 19 July 1976 – 5 March 1996: Lady Silvia Tarpeia
  • 5 March 1996 – present: Her Highness Countess of Prévert


  •  Latium: Dame of the Ancient Equestrian Order St.AlexanderOrder-ribbon.svg
  •  Latium: Dame of the Sacred Order of Golden Eagle AquilaRomana0.png


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Silvia Tarpeia
Born: 19 July 1976
Lines of succession
Preceded by
Leontia Claudia
Succession to the Latin throne
52nd in line
Followed by
The Duke of Ossonoba