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Prince Nicephorus, Duke of Ossonoba

Prince Nicephorus
Duke of Ossonoba (more)
Nicephorus Anicius, 3rd Duke of Ossonoba.jpg
Born (1961-03-28) 28 March 1961 (age 59)
Hieria Palace, Ascanium, Latium
Full name
Gaius Anicius Probinus Nicephorus Iohannes Theophylactus
FatherPrince George, Duke of Ossonoba
MotherPrincess Marie Louise of Burgoy
ReligionFabrian Catholic
Military career
Allegiance Latium
Service/branch Latin Army
Years of service1978 – 2018 (end of active service)
Battles/warsPolnitsa-Milostian War

Prince Nicephorus, Duke of Ossonoba CI EE EEA ECC MCC (Gaius Anicius Probinus Nicephorus Iohannes Theophylactus; b. 28 March 1961) is a Latin prince, military officer, and imperial duke. He has served as Master of Offices from early 2018 to early 2019.

Ossonoba is the eldest son of Prince George, Duke of Ossonoba and Princess Marie Louise of Burgoy, At the time of his birth he was fourth in line to the Latin throne; since he has fallen out of the official line of succession, though in the unofficial, extended line of succession is thirty-fifth.

Before the end of his active military service, Ossonoba held the rank of Legate in the Latin Army and served as Deputy Chief of Army Staff from 2016 until 2018. He saw active service during the Polnitsa-Milostian War where he earned the Medal for Valor.

Early life and education

Ossonoba was born on 28 March 1961 to parents Prince George, Duke of Ossonoba and Princess Marie Louise of Burgoy at Hieria Palace in Ascanium; he is the eldest of five children. He was baptized at Saint Andrew's Cathedral in Ascanium. His godparents were Theophylactus Anicius, Duke of Callatis (his father's fourth cousin); King Charles VI of Burgoy (his mother's brother); Princess Zoe, Duchess of Haenna (his father's cousin). Ossonoba was named for his ancestor Nicephorus, who was the father of Latin Emperor Theophylactus I Augustus.

Ossonoba attended at Our Lady of Galata (Latin: Beata Maria Galatae) early in his education. He was sent to Academia Sanctus Paul-Taphioia, a school known for its rigorous curriculum, in Eleusis, northern Latium near the Garzan border for boarding school. He later enrolled at Academia Militaris Olympia after joining in the Latin Army at the age of 17.

Military career

In 1981, Ossonoba graduated from Olympia after completing his officer training with the rank of Decurion. From 1982 until 1984, he held command of a cohort in Fortune's 16th Legion. He took brief leave in 1985 after the birth of his eldest child, Thomas. Later that year, he was promoted to the rank of Centurion. By 1994 he had risen to the rank of Camp Prefect and was given staff assignment in Ravenna.

In 1990, Ossonoba became a member of the Order of Saint Joseph.

Succession crisis

Ossonoba was in Castellum when the death of Emperor Jason VI Augustus was announced. Many within the Defense ministry say they were caught off guard by the announcement, and noted that Ossonoba left the city after it was clear that Master of Soldiers Flavius Vipsanius left the city to join Emperor Constantine XX in Adrianople.

Throughout the succession crisis, Ossonoba was active in Adrianople and participated in strategic planning at Palatium Supranio. He was credited by those within Palatium Supranio for being integral to the swift support of Arthurista received by Emperor Constantine XX.

Emperor's Council appointment

In 2017, Ossonoba was considered for an Emperor's Council appointment, though it wasn't until January 2018 that he was appointed to replace Prince Leo of Ghant and Latium as Master of Offices. The surprise resignation of Prince Leo came after his public recognition of a illegitimate child. Ossonoba was sworn in as Master of Offices on 12 January 2018. He resigned as Deputy Chief of Army Staff two days before his Council appointment.

According to RAL News, Ossonoba has contributed to a more traditional and conservative council than years past.

He resigned in January 2019.

Personal life

Ossonoba married Marthe of Falkenhayn, daughter of Prince Frederick Augustus, Duke of Falkenhayn. They have six children.



Name Birth Death Spouse(s)
By Princess Marthe of Falkenhayn (b. 1960)
Eusebia, Crown Princess of Antenfoi (1984-10-28) 28 October 1984 (age 36) Robert, Crown Prince of Antenfoi (b. 1981); had issue.
Princess Sophia of Ossonoba (1987-01-03) 3 January 1987 (age 33)
Prince Thomas of Ossonoba (1988-07-17) 17 July 1988 (age 32)
Princess Rosa of Ossonoba (1990-10-16) 16 October 1990 (age 30)
Prince John of Ossonoba (1993-12-18) 18 December 1993 (age 26)
Princess Marcia of Ossonoba (1996-02-21) 21 February 1996 (age 24)

Titles, styles, honors and arms

In Latium

  • 28 March 1961 – 15 June 2013: His Imperial Highness Prince Nicephorus of Ossonoba
  • 15 June 2013 – present: His Imperial Highness The Duke of Ossonoba

In Arthurista

  • 15 June 2013 – present: His Grace The Count of Cesteven


  •  Latium: Member of the Order of the Civic Crown Ordine Civile di Savoia BAR.svg
  •  Latium: Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the Crown Army Good Conduct Medal ribbon.svg
  •  Latium: Knight of the Sacred Order of the Golden Eagle AquilaRomana0.png
  •  Latium: Knight of the Ancient Equestrian Order St.AlexanderOrder-ribbon.svg

Foreign honors


Ossonoba is a member of the Anicii dynasty, and is a male-line descendant of Latin Emperor Theophylactus I Augustus and first modern Latin Consul John Anicius, 1st Duke of Beroea, as well as a female-line descendant of Latin Emperor John XIII. By way of his father, Ossonoba traces his ancestry to the Latin Emperors, as well as the monarchs of Arthurista, Ghant, and Latium; and through his mother to the monarchs of Burgoy, Lyncanestria, Sydalon, and TBD.

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Prince Nicephorus, Duke of Ossonoba
Born: 28 March 1961
Lines of succession
Preceded by
The Countess of Prévert
Succession to the Latin throne
great-grandson of Joanna I
Followed by
Thomas of Ossonoba
Nobility of Latium
Preceded by
The Prince George
Duke of Ossonoba
Prince Thomas of Ossonoba
Political offices
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The Duke of Alba
Master of Offices
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