Social Democratic and Co-operative Party

Social Democratic and Co-operative Party

Felloƿ Democratick and Evenƿork Fold
Parti social-démocratique et co-opéthâtique
LeaderZoe Halivar
Deputy LeaderOwen Cunningham
General SecretaryStephen Davies
ChairpersonAngela Khan-Kumar
FoundedMay 1, 1881 (1881-05-01)
Merger ofILC
Headquarters218 Hall Street, Morwall
NewspaperRed Flag Daily
Student wingStudents for Socialism
Youth wingSocialist Pioneers
Women's wingSDCP Women
Membership (2019)Increase 489,000
IdeologySocial democracy
Democratic socialism
Political positionCentre-left
Continental affiliationSocialist Alternative for Euclea
International affiliationInternational Socialist Forum
Colours     Red
Autonomous partiesSwathish SDCP
Flurian SDCP
Morwall SDCP
Chamber of Commons
189 / 600
Chamber of Peers
76 / 300
Euclean Parliament
33 / 114

The Social Democratic and Co-operative Party (Swathish: Felloƿ Democratick and Evenƿork Fold, Flurian: Parti social-démocratique et co-opéthâtique) is a centre-left political party in Estmere which espouses social democracy and co-operatism, and is generally agreed to have a progressive and socially liberal outlook. Alongside the Sotirian Democratic Union and the Reform Party, the SDCP is considered one of Estmere's three major parties.

Founded on May Day in 1881, the party is the oldest continuing party in Estmere. It was created with the aim of representing the trade union and co-operative movements and municipal socialists; in doing so, it effectively subsumed the ILC and the CRP. At the outbreak of the Great War, the SDCP was initially opposed, but moved to a pro-war stance when Rafael Duclerque rebuked the notion of a cease-fire. The SDCP joined a national coalition for the duration of the war, and after the eventual defeat of Gaullica was an influential voice in the Transitional Authority.

In the aftermath of the Great War, the SDCP overtook the liberals to become the second largest party, leading a number of governments in this time. The party was overtaken by the resurgent Reform Party in the 1980s, and supported a Reform-led government in the 2000s. Recently, the SDCP has again overtaken Reform as the second largest party.

The SDCP is a founding member of Socialist Alternative for Euclea and the International Socialist Forum, and in 2019 had a membership of 489,000. Since 2016 the party has been led by Zoe Halivar, considered to be on the soft left of the party, who also serves as Leader of the Opposition.





No. Name Portrait Term in Office Notes
1 Sidney Bell
William Crawford.png ?? ???? 1881 ?? ???? 1891 tbd
2 James FitzThomas
George-Lansbury.jpg ?? ???? 1891 ?? ???? 1898 tbd
3 George Lennon
Sidney Webb 01.jpg ?? ???? 1898 ?? ???? 1903 tbd
4 Oscar Fay Burton
Havelock Ellis cph.3b08675.jpg ?? ???? 1903 ?? ???? 1916 tbd
?? Nick Lawrence
(born 1966)
Ed Balls 2.jpg ?? ????? 2005 ?? ????? 2016 tbd
- Isaac Wright
(born 1968)
David Miliband 2 (cropped).jpg ?? ????? 2016 ?? ????? 2016 Interim leader.
?? Zoe Halivar
(born 1981)
Lisa Nandy, 2016 Labour Party Conference 3 (head crop).jpg ?? ????? 2016 Incumbent

A. Fenner Brockway.jpg

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