The Alternative–Greens '89

The Alternative–Greens '89

LeaderClara Brøndum
Forsammling leaderAsmus Graversen
Folkshus leaderRagna Ano-Overby
Merger ofThe Alternative
Greens 1989
Merged intoAugust 11, 1994 (1994-08-11)
HeadquartersHertugsvej 17, Rimso, Mesconia
Hvetegata 2, Kalstad, Vestelia
Student wingGrønne studerende
Youth wingGrøn ungdom
Women's wingGrønne kvinder
LGBT+ wingLGBT+ Grøn
Membership (2021)Decrease 32,668
IdeologyGreen politics
Social liberalism
Political positionCentre-left to left-wing
Continental affiliationVEPE
Euclean affiliationMVE
Colors     Green
12 / 318
11 / 157
19 / 146

The Alternative–Greens '89 (Mescon: Alternativet–Grønne'89, Vestelian: Alternativet–Grønne'89) is a green and progressive political party in Scovern. Formed as a merger of the The Alternative and Greens 1989 in 1994, and have contested national (in Mesconia and Vestelia), Forsammling and Folkshus elections since the merger.

The party is considered centre-left, and have at various points provided informal support to SAP of the 21st century, though they have consistently criticised the party's stances on environmental policy. They won a record vote in the 2009 federal elections after the party came out against the adoption of neoliberalism by the two main parties, though its adoption was denied by SAP leaders and became a point of controversy between the two parties. Currently, the party holds 12 seats in the Rigsdagen, 11 seats in the Forsammling and 19 seats in the Folkshus. The party does not contest seats in Frelland, though in 2019 party leader Clara Brøndum did not rule out the possibility of running candidates there in future.


Party leaders

Current leader Clara Brøndum
  • Sven Stromme (August 1994 – October 1997)
  • Torill Asleson (October 1997 – January 2002)
  • Roy Sannes (January 2002 – March 2002)
  • Ulrik Karlsen (March 2002 – August 2004)
  • Nis Møller (August 2004 – November 2013)
  • Mathilde Kjeldsen (November 2013 – January 2018)
  • Clara Brøndum (January 2018 – )

Electoral results

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