Social Labour Party (Scovern)

Social Labour Party

Social Arbejderpartiet
Sosialt Arbeiderparti
Sósíal Verkamannaflokkurinn
AbbreviationSAP, SAp, SV
LeaderArmela Viram Srimathi
FoundedDecember 17, 1908 (1908-12-17)
HeadquartersMælkebøttevej 2, Rimso, Mesconia
Student wingUnge socialister
Women's wingSocialismens kvinder
Membership (2020)Increase 217,000
IdeologySocial democracy
Social liberalism
Democratic socialism
Political positionCentre-left
Continental affiliationSocialist Alternative for Euclea
International affiliationInternational Socialist Forum
Colors     Red
116 / 318
61 / 157
79 / 146
41 / 88

The Social Labour Party (Mescon: Social Arbejderpartiet, Vestelian: Sosialt Arbeiderparti, Frellandic: Sósíal Verkamannaflokkurinn), often abbreviated SAP, SAp or SV, is a centre-left social democratic political party in Scovern. Founded in 1908, it is one of Scovern's oldest continuously-running parties, and historically its most successful party. The SAP is currently led by Armela Viram Srimathi.

The party was founded in 1908 as an alliance of socialists and trade unionists. After the war, it was influential in the expansion of the Scoverne welfare state, now one of the largest in Euclea, and orchestrated a successful and popular wartime economic recovery. The SAP was in government during most of the federalisation process. The party's popularity eventually plummeted in the aftermath of the 2005 recession, where it was the opposition until 2013. In 2017, much of the party's leadership were involved in the 2016-17 Scoverne tax scandal, where many high profile SAP politicians were accused of spending taxpayers' money in their personal lives, and the party went on to lose the 2017 elections by a historic margin. Since then, under the leadership of Niveen, much of the old leadership have been removed from high-level positions, and the party has mainly worked to shun its recently controversial image.

The SAP is currently the second-largest party in the Rigsdagen, with 116 seats. In the 2020 elections to the Folkshus and Samkoma, it regained both federal legislatures, the latter under a coalition government with the Agrarian Party in Frelland. The party is a member of the Socialist Alternative for Euclea in the EC as well as the International Socialist Forum internationally.