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Prime Minister of Senria

Prime Minister of the Republic of Senria
Emblem of Senria
Tomomi Inada 2017.jpg
Reika Okura

since December 10, 2018
StyleHer Excellency
Member ofNational Assembly
Cabinet of Senria
Keisi, Senria
AppointerNational Assembly
Term lengthFive years
PrecursorChairman of the Government of National Preservation
Formation11 December 1933; 87 years ago (1933-12-11)
First holderKaturou Imahara
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Senria (Senrian: 썬류우꾜우외꼬꾸쑤쏘우, Senryuu Kyouwakoku Susou) is the head of state and head of government of Senria. Considered the most powerful individual in Senria, the Prime Minister is tasked with leading the operations of the government, appointing executive officials and judges, staffing and overseeing the country's cabinet, and commanding the Senrian Republican Armed Forces. It succeeded the office of Chairman of the Government of National Preservation, an ad interim title created during the Senrian-Xiaodongese War.

The Prime Minister's duties and responsibilities were established in 1933 by the Constitution of Senria. It is appointed by the membership of the National Assembly of Senria by a simple majority vote every five years, after the country's quinquennial general elections, any snap elections for the National Assembly, or the death or resignation of the previous Prime Minister. There are presently no term limits on the office; the record for longest-serving Prime Minister is held by Kiyosi Haruna, who held the title from 1983 until 2003. The inaugural Prime Minister was Katurou Imahara, who held the position from 1933 until 1948.

The incumbent Prime Minister is Reika Okura, who was elected 2018. She is the first woman to hold the title.





Powers and roles




No. Portrait Name Term of office Deputies Party Notes
1 ZhengHyeJeou.jpg Katurou Imahara September 10, 1927 December 14, 1953 Iturou Nakagawa
Hatirou Nakayama
People's Inaugural Prime Minister of Senria. Styled as Chairman of the Government of National Preservation before December 11, 1933.
2 薛岳.jpg Hatirou Nakayama December 14, 1953 February 21, 1954 Yosiyasu Sekiguti
Itirou Yamada
People's Forced out of office by the Second Gang of Six.
3 Ngo Dinh Diem - Thumbnail - ARC 542189.png Tokiyasu Kitamura February 21, 1954 January 3, 1964 Reihirou Tanaka
Masaharu Hasimoto
People's Assassinated by Sigemitu Kinosita, a Senrian syndicalist.
4 QiYongchang.jpg Takesi Takahata January 3, 1964 October 26, 1979 Sigeru Hukuda
Sousuke Kawaguti
Kitirou Imahara
People's Assassinated by Mao Shunguo, an undercover agent of the Shujichu.
5 TangWenching.jpg Kitirou Imahara October 26, 1979 December 12, 1983 Kazuo Isida People's
6 KiyoshiHaruka.jpg Kiyosi Haruna December 12, 1983 December 8, 2003 Takeo Miyazawa
Hideki Kitayama
Kumiko Yosida
People's Longest-serving Prime Minister of Senria.
7 Hirofumi Shimomura cropped 3 Hirofumi Shimomura and Ernest Moniz 20131031.jpg Sigesato Izumi December 8, 2003 December 8, 2008 Hirosi Takahiro People's
8 中華民國第12、13任總統馬英九先生官方肖像照.jpg Hayato Nisimura December 8, 2008 December 10, 2018 Akira Masuti
Keiko Umeda
9 Tomomi Inada 2017.jpg Reika Okura December 10, 2018 Incumbent Kaori Himura People's First female Prime Minister of Senria.

Living former Prime Ministers