United Crown Alliance

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United Crown Alliance
Administrative capitalDemocracity
TypePolitical, Economic, and Military Alliance
• WA Delegate
• Vice-Delegate
• Communication and Information Delegate
EstablishmentMarch 4th, 2017

The United Crown Alliance (abbreviated UCA) was a democratic, economic, and militaristic alliance that operated in accordance with the World Assembly. The region is was host to several UN/WA resolution writers. It was founded by Zamastan, who was also the serving Delegate to the WA.

The alliance had a reputation for being more diverse in terms of political opinion and leanings than others This led to the eventual in-fighting between nations which was the deciding decision for President Zacharias Castovia to pull out of the alliance. Because of the loss of the founding member and largest member state, the alliance quickly evaporated. Many of the remnant nations joined the International Democratic Union. The region reformed into the Coalition of Crown Albatross under President Foley Sakzi.


Fundamental values


Regional officials

UCA Council