Foley Sakzi

Foley Sakzi
Foley sakzi.jpg
14th President of Zamastan
Assumed office
November 17th, 2019
Preceded byAnya Bishop
82nd Speaker of the Chamber (Zamastan)
In office
September 22nd, 2012 – November 17th, 2019
PresidentCassious Castovia, Zacharias Castovia, Anya Bishop
Preceded byYerran Mann
Succeeded by[[]]
Senator, Northern Isle District 20
In office
September 22nd, 2008 – November 17th, 2019
Personal details
BornAugust 26, 1976 (Age:43)
Providence, Zamastan
Political partyBlue Conservatives
Height6 ft 2 in (188 cm)
Military service
Branch/serviceZamastanian Army
Years of service1996-2003
Unit87th Gold Battalion
Battles/warsBattle of Amstelveen

Foley Sakzi is the 14th and current President of Zamastan, succeeding President Anya Bishop in a Special Election after her removal from the office following a vote of no-confidence. Sakzi shook the political landscape in June of 2019 when he announced his candidacy against President Bishop in the 2020 Election cycle. His candidacy, as well as his position in the Blue Conservative Party, caused a major division in the Conservative realm, as he began openly criticizing Bishop for her policies. Upon her condemnation and subsequent removal from office, he remained on the side lines to the best of his ability as the leading member of Congressional Hall, abstaining from the Congress Chamber's vote and speaking in terms of political unification after her removal in testimonial settings.

His provided domestic views are largely centered around middle and lower class economics, and he has stated that he hopes to provide systems of free enterprising that doesn't infringe on the rights of the everyday citizen, while also maintaining a faithful and open government system. He has advocated for a strong military, sanctions against Xiomera and Kerlile (though he strongly criticized President Bishop's handling of the July-August Trade War), and an increase in trade with nations who don't have strong current connections with Zamastan, as well as Catican nations such as Trive and United New England. He has advocated for gun reform and was one of the leading voices in the August legislation that banned semi-automatic rifles in Zamastan, though he has stated that he believes in the right for citizens to have conceal and carry permits for hand guns.

Before the Presidency, he served as the 82nd Speaker of the Chamber of Zamastan, serving since 2012. He is a prominent member of the Blue Conservative Party, but is known for his willingness to be non-partisan when public interest in a bill is high. He served this position under his elected role as the Senator of Northern Isle's 4th District. Before his tenure in politics, he was a corporal in the Zamastanian Armed Forces, seeing action during the Second War in Vulkaria. He was shot in the chest by enemy combatants during the Battle of Amstelveen and critically injured, but recovered and rewarded several medals honoring his bravery and sacrifice during the fighting.

Early Life


Military Service



Speaker of the Chamber


Sakzi confirmed on September 22nd, 2012, that he would seek the speakership after receiving the endorsements of two factions of Conservatives, including the conservative Zian Caucus. Sakzi, upon confirming his bid for the speakership, stated, "I never thought I'd be speaker. But I pledged to you that if I could be a unifying figure, then I would serve -- I would go all in. After talking with so many of you, and hearing your words of encouragement, I believe we are ready to move forward as one, united team. And I am ready and eager to be our speaker."

On September 29, Sakzi was elected Speaker, replacing incumbant Speaker Yerran Mann. He won after receiving 301 votes, an absolute majority of the 500-member chamber. Liberal Cain Blackwater received 184 votes, with 15 more going to others. After the vote Sakzi delivered his first remarks as speaker-elect and was sworn in by Fawn Deindre, the dean of the Chamber, becoming, at age 36, the youngest person elected as speaker since Shauna Lultquist (23) in 1994.


As Speaker of the Chamber, Foley Sakzi was well known for his bipartisan standings, although his conservative roots would usually take initiative when it came to economic issues. He presided over several large tax cuts in the senior Castovia and junior Castovia presidencies. He also presided over several bills that expanded the rights of LGBT citizens.

Sakzi was one of the leading voices in the August 2019 legislation that banned semi-automatic rifles in Zamastan. This action was widely praised by politicians on each side, and nations across the IDU also supported the legislation.

Sakzi allowed for the Dual Condemnation of President Anya Bishop following protests in which she ordered the military to engage protesters. The resulting deaths of three activists and one officer paved the way for the condemnation and subsequent vote of no-confidence. Sakzi abstained from voting. After the senate voted for her exit, Sakzi announced his candidacy for President in the special election, and won with 62% of the vote.


Domestic Policy

Foreign Policy

The stated aims of the foreign policy of the Sakzi administration include a focus on security, by fighting terrorists abroad and strengthening expansions of the Zamastanian military; an "Zamastan Comes First" approach to trade; diplomacy whereby "old enemies become friends, and modern enemies become scared"; and immigration policies that include heavy vetting.

On November 18th, 2019, the day following Sakzi's inauguration, a naval standoff occured between the Zamastanian and Xiomeran navies off the coast of Xiomera's Manauia Island.