Vovilveante XCT

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Vovilveante XCT
Screenshot Vovilveante XCT.png
Current Logo (Uncolored)
Full nameVovilveante Xaire Custift Truien
Petrilchin (Patriots)
CoachDrev Hasken
LeagueShodiax League

Vovilveante XCT is a highly successful football club in Hiblund. It currently has 14 Shodiax (Piruen Iede) victories, which is more than any other club in the entire Shodiax League. They also have 4 ACLC Championships and 2 ACLC Runner-ups. The club was originally formed as a team in the Xaire Iede in 1948 during the Sciedfelt Stretch, with the name Vovilveante Sprevin. They were transferred to the Shodiax League system in 1962, as the Xaire was losing hope of continuing, and they switched names to Vovilveante XCT.[1]


Unlike some other teams that were originally in the Xaire Iede, this team was not in a minor Harletical Iede level. The Xaire was composed of 60 teams with three levels, thought of as relatively small. Vovilveante Sprevin was founded in March 1948, fully funded via the Xaire itself. The executives of the team were given the chance to recruit any unemployed player in Hiblund, which they succeeded immensely in. Due to the unknown potential of the 35 completely new clubs, the Xaire hosted a Preseason in spring of 1949, where each club would play 15 random teams to interpret which level they would start in. Vovilveante Sprevin was finished with a record of 9-4-2, which was good enough to put them into the highest level. They would start their first season later that year.

Spending in Xaire

Vovilveante Sprevin took its future seriously, reaching out to young potential rather than mid-career stars. The club was ready to play and impress all of the other clubs funded by the Xaire, trying to push their potential to the limit. They began their spell in the first possible year and ended it in the last possible year, meanwhile winning five titles. Needless to say, to believe that they succeeded in their goal would be a heavy understatement. Their first three seasons were pretty rough, placing mid-table each year, however, things started to pick up after taking a new head coach/owner[2], Fielvren Thaer. Their hot streak lasted until the league's slightly expected folding.

List of seasons

Year Head Coach/Owner Level Position Record
1950 Everett Jurnlexci I 12th 7-4-9
1951 Everett Jurnlexci I 16th 5-3-11
1952 Everett Jurnlexci I 16th 5-4-10
1953 Fielvren Thaer I 13th 7-4-8
1954 Fielvren Thaer I 6th 12-3-4
1955 Fielvren Thaer I 2nd 15-1-3
1956 Fielvren Thaer I 1st 16-1-2
1957 Fielvren Thaer I 1st 15-3-1
1958 Fielvren Thaer I 1st 15-2-2
1959 Fielvren Thaer I 2nd 14-4-1
1960 Fielvren Thaer I 1st 16-0-3
1961 Fielvren Thaer I 3rd 15-0-4
1962 Fielvren Thaer I 1st 15-3-1

Transfer to Shodiax

Of all the leagues that were crumbling under the popularity of the Shodiax League, the Xaire Iede was by far the most successful. There was an unspoken agreement that the Xaire Iede would soon fold and leave all its clubs stranded. In the offseason of 1962, the Shodiax League took notice of their decline in sales and popularity, and out of pity, offered to take a few of their clubs into their league, and in exchange, pay off a decade's worth of expected sales.[3] The Xaire knew that if they did not accept this offer, they would not be able to make the profit that they would if they agreed to the deal. So, with a defeating sigh, the Xaire agreed to this offer and sent the 10 best teams from their previous season to the Shodiax League, this including Vovilveante Sprevin. Vovilveante Sprevin was given no other choice but to accept and change their name to Vovilveante XCT, the abbreviation at the end being added to all clubs a part of this transfer. The club would start in the very next Shodiax season, in the system's newly-founded sixth level.

Spending in Shodiax

Vovilveante XCT certainly had mixed feelings about the transfer, as it brought new opportunities, but also lead to a lot of work was needed in order to promote into the Piruen, as it was extremely difficult to adjust to the new level of competition. Along with this, there was a lot of change referring to name, jerseys, and ground at the time, suggesting the attitude of an identity crisis. The club comfortably moved through the bottom two levels in a matter of three seasons, facing region-wide teams in contrast to other clubs based in Vovilveante. They took another four seasons to promote into the third level.

The year after Vovilveante XCT's initial promotion to the third level, Thaer decided to step down from the owner and head coach position. Although he was sad to announce that he would not lead his beloved team to the main Shodiax Leagues, he handed the position who he thought would put a new and positive twist to how the club was run. Drev Hasken was selected as the new head coach from this point onwards, and unlike Thaer, was very young when starting the position.

It didn't take very long for the club to get fully introduced and used to Hasken's plans for the team. After losing in the promotion playoff finals three times in a row, Vovilveante XCT finally advanced into the second level, into the Vaitrel, in the 1976 offseason. After the advancing to the Vaitrel, it took another few years in order to complete their objective: to advance into the Piruen Iede.[4] Now they took it to their priority list to go beyond their goal and win a title.

Since the 1980's, Vovilveante XCT has simply got better and better through the years, without a break in their Piruen spell. Throughout their Piruen journey, they have kept the same owner in Hasken. The club has made the record books for most Shodiax League titles, with 13, despite entering the system itself late. Ever since their entrance into the Piruen, they have engineered a rivalry between themselves and Antres FC, as they are always in similar positions in the table, as well as the owners knowing each other personally before they even got their jobs as head coaches. The club especially took notice in the 2016-17 season, when they went undefeated in all competitions[5].

Today, the club faces the looming obstacle of a decline, but until then, can boast in a second-place season behind SV Mai.

List of seasons

Year Head Coach/Owner Level Position Record PPP[6]
1963 Fielvren Thaer XI 2nd TBA
1964 Fielvren Thaer X 5th TBA
1965 Fielvren Thaer X 1st TBA
1966 Fielvren Thaer IX 10th TBA
1967 Fielvren Thaer IX 3rd TBA
1968 Fielvren Thaer IX 4th TBA
1969 Fielvren Thaer IX 1st TBA
1970 Fielvren Thaer III 17th TBA
1971 Drev Hasken III 8th TBA
1972 Drev Hasken III 5th TBA
1973 Drev Hasken III 1st TBA 2nd
1974 Drev Hasken III 1st TBA 2nd
1975 Drev Hasken III 1st TBA 2nd
1976 Drev Hasken III 1st TBA 1st
1977 Drev Hasken II TBA TBA
1978 Drev Hasken II TBA TBA
1979 Drev Hasken II TBA TBA
1980 Drev Hasken II TBA TBA
1981 Drev Hasken II 1st TBA
1982 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1983 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1984 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1985 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1986 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1987 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1988 Drev Hasken I 1st TBA
1989 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1990 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1991 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1992 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1993 Drev Hasken I 1st TBA
1994 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1995 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1996 Drev Hasken I 1st TBA
1997 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1998 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
1999 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2000 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2001 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2002 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2003 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2004 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2005 Drev Hasken I 1st TBA
2006 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2007 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2008 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2009 Drev Hasken I 1st TBA
2010 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2011 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2012 Drev Hasken I TBA TBA
2013 Drev Hasken I 1st TBA
2014 Drev Hasken I 1st TBA
2015 Drev Hasken I 1st TBA
2016 Drev Hasken I 1st TBA
2017 Drev Hasken I 1st 31-3-0
2018 Drev Hasken I 2nd 23-6-5
2019 Drev Hasken I 1st 25-5-4
2020 Drev Hasken I 1st 22-6-6
2021 Drev Hasken I 1st 23-7-4
2022 Drev Hasken I 2nd 24-6-4

Logo History


Fans and Engagement

Modern Day

Personnel and Sponsors



Name # Position
Adrian Harrison 18 F
Blarsch Quill 7 F
Haskit Allaine 15 F (Relevant non-starter)
Cris Stuvastoln 26 M
Haeck Jovvik 21 M
Hyrui Plandurex 3 M
Jayen Jaitly 17 M
Nillivf Mallishox 14 M
Kevin Daevrish 30 M (Relevant non-starter)
Vorche Penteloi 11 M (Relevant non-starter)
Elsji Lombard 8 D
Pwaine Abilia 28 D
Yarvip Ishkmine 4 D
Mavvi Curmin 12 D (Relevant non-starter)
Alastair Parkin 13 K

References and External Links

  1. "XCT" refers to its transfer to the Shodiax in 1962, which is an abbreviation of Xaire Cunstif Truien (Xaire Transfer Team).
  2. In Hiblundiiun culture, the Head Coach also takes the role of Owner.
  3. This offer was not exclusive to the Xaire, as it was also confronted to nine other leagues. Of all of these, only a total of 4 agreed.
  4. Although their movement was swift through the levels, they were second to Trinalxii XCT for fastest promotion to the Piruen and Vaitrel from the 1962 Expansion.
  5. Read about this season here
  6. Promotion Playoff Position- only represented when 1st in Level III