International Football Association

International Football Association
Motto: 'There's football in all of us'
Anthem: IFA Anthem
CapitalTonnes, Layfet
Other languages
TypeSporting union
• IFA Chairman
Josepp Di Stephano
• IFA Charter
19 Mar 1888

The International Football Association (IFA) is a non-profit organization which describes itself as the international governing body of association football, beach soccer, and efootball. It is the highest governing body of football.

IFA was founded in 1888 in to oversee international competition among the national associations across the world. Headquartered in Tonnes, its membership now comprises most national associations. The member countries must each also be members of one of the five regional confederations into which the world is divided: Thuadia (THUCON), Caleren (CALCON), Thrismari (RISCON), Astariax (ASTCON), Olivacia (OLICON) and Meredonne (MERCON).

Today, IFA outlines a number of objectives in its charter and is responsible for the organization and promotion of football's major international tournaments, notably the [[Men's World Cup]|IFA World Cup]] and Women's World Cup. IFA set the rules of international football as it is today. All IFA tournaments generate revenue from sponsorship. IFA Is governed by a board of directors which are representatives made from IFA's governing states, each representing a region - Riamo (RISCON), Bakyern (THUCON), New Sebronia (RISCON), Halsuntria (OLICON), Lyonheimer (RISCON), and TBA, which appoint the IFA Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

IFA also governs at the local level, with each nation having its own branch of the body to regulate the sport in that nation.

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