West Arciluco

West Arciluco

Західний Арцилуко
Zakhidnyy Artsyluko
Ⰰⱃⰽⰹⰾⱆⰽⱁ ⰴⰵ Ⰲⰵⱄⱅ
Arciluco de Vest
Flag of West Arciluco
Coat of arms
StatusSoravian-occupied sector of Arciluco
Common languagesSoravian, Amathian
Episemialist Church
Vestiy (colloquial)
• 1935–1955
Vladislav Pudovkin
• 1955–1971
Gabriel Tozulyak
• 1971–1978
Vilem Gardos
• 1936–1940
Myron Dovhan (first)
• 1978
Ihor Kozak (last)
Historical eraGreat Game
• Occupied by Soravia
4 January 1935
6 September 1978
• 1977
CurrencySoravian zolota
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Amathia
Amathian Equalist Republic
Today part of Amathia

West Arciluco (Soravian: Західний Арцилуко; Zakhidnyy Artsyluko, Amathian: Ⰰⱃⰽⰹⰾⱆⰽⱁ ⰴⰵ Ⰲⰵⱄⱅ; Arciluco de Vest) was an enclave of Soravia situated in the western half of the city of Arciluco. West Arciluco was first occupied by Soravia in 1935 towards the end of the Great War, and remained under occupation after Amathia became an independent state following the Amathian Civil War under the Amathian Equalist Republic. West Arciluco served as one of Soravia's main displays of power to eastern Euclea, and was described as a "direct showcase of Soravian power to the east" by President Gabriel Tozulyak. West Arciluco was ceded back to Amathia in 1978 as part of the Arciluco Accords, a hastily negotiated deal, brought about by the beginning of the Second Soravian Civil War. The city had a population of 1,276,019 people in 1977, with as many as 100,000 of those being military deployments by Soravia.

In 1935, Soravia was quickly occupying large swathes of Amathia as most resistance faltered towards the end of the war. Itself, along with Etruria, were the two occupants of Amathia until 1936, where the two countries pulled out due to the civil war. West Arciluco was kept as a political enclave and was fiercely militarised and defended by Soravia, who sent pre-emptive warnings to the parties of the civil war, should any attack the city. When the Equalists emerged as the victors, they attempted to negotiate the return of the city, however Soravia would not budge. Equalist Amathia agreed to accept Soravian sovereignty over West Arciluco in 1944 as relations between the two were positive, both being strategic allies with each other. Towards the late 1960s and 1970s, some historians described West Arciluco as the "lifeblood of the Equalist state", with the Soravian Army essentially being tasked with the defense of Amathia, most of whom were stationed in the city.



Relationship with East Arciluco and Equalist Amathia


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