White Rock

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White Rock

City of White Rock
Downtown White Rock from the Harbor
Brick rowhouses along Acorn Street
Republic Rotunda
Massachusetts State House
Fenway Park ballgame at night
Boston skyline from Charles River
From top, left to right: Downtown (from the White Rock Harbor); Acorn Street in Belmar Hill; Republic Rotunda; Provincial House; Travis Lilliane Park ballgame; Nate Bay (from the Silver Crest River)
Administrative DistrictJade
Founded byJohn Ackterswan
 • MayorRobert Merron (GLP)
 • Total3,829,000 (11th)

White Rock is a city located on the coast of the Olympic Ocean and is the 11th-most populous city in Zamastan as well as one of the oldest cities in Zamastan. It was founded in 1725 by Skithan settlers. The city is situated at the mouth of the White Rock River at the head of Jade Peninsula Bay. It was a major site of fighting during the Zamastan War of Independence, specifically during the Battle of White Rock (1804) and the Battle of Camp Island.

White Rock was one of the first cities in the country to industrialize and became noted for its textile manufacturing and subsequent machine tool, jewelry, and silverware industries. Today, the city of White Rock is home to eight hospitals and seven institutions of higher learning which have shifted the city's economy into service industries, though it still retains some manufacturing activity.

The city is the second most populous city in Jade after Jade Harbor and before Point Tarin.